Grain trading

Department for Trade and Logistics of Agroproducts is a division of Oktyabrskoe Group on the base of which SLK Selezny was found in 2013.

Main activities are procurements, conditioning, storage and sales of grains and oil crops.

We sell both in Russia and abroad.

Important figures:
  • 75 thousand tons of storage capacity in SLK Selezny facilities
  • 200 thousand tons of annual grain turnover
  • Up to 4 thousand tpd of grains – capacity of rail shipment
  • Up to 40 thousand tons per month – rail shipment of crops
  • 3.5 mln tons of grain and oil crops gross output of SLK Selezny in Tambov, Lipetsk, Ryazan and Voronezh regions
  • 1000 of loyal clients, who are agricultural producers
  • Ideal geographical location for shipment to Black, Azov, Caspian and Baltic seas
  • Block trains to “Novorossiysk” and “Tuapse”
  • Long-term partnership with main exporters and processors of agricultural products
Divisions of activity


Our opportunities


Our facilities allow us to receive several crops at one time.

Grain acceptance rate is up to 2 thousand tpd.


We use powerful English drying complex Perry. The equipment can dry 2 crops at the same time. Complex capacity is up to 2 thousand tpd (grains), up to 1.5 thousand tons (corn and sunflower).


A new effective cleaning line with the capacity of 200 tph is applied.


Storage capacity is up to 75 thousand tons of crops. We plan to expand it up to 100 000 tons.


We have 2 points of rail loading with capacity up to 2 000 tons prd each.

We have own rail spur of 3800 m length, which allow to dispose about 150 wagons for grain loading. Two own diesel locos and one locotractor are available.

In addition to grain and oil crops (wheat, barley, sunflower), we receive, storage and sell corn, beans and sugar beet.

We buy grain and oilseeds expensive, offering producers a maximum price for the products.

Procurement is carried out on the basis of SLK Selezny. We are also ready to collect grain from your place and withdraw by our vehicle.

With our help regional crops producers may profitably sell products as well as use services of SLK Selezny for conditioning, storage and shipment.

Additional opportunities:

  • We work under the principle of “one-stop-shop”. We buy crops, providing service for its conditioning and storage, other divisions offer goods and services for their planting and growing (equipment, seeds, fertilizers, etc.).
  • If producer sells us crops, we give discount on storage and other services.
  • It is possible to order us a service of sampling. Producers can bring samples on their own to the base or order sampling by our staff on their place. Production test allows properly assess the quality of the goods.

Consultations on products procurement is available by:

Alexey Duduov. Telephone: 8-910-755-54-44. E-mail:
Galina Polukhtina. Telephone: 8-915-878-95-03. E-mail:

We successfully sell crops, which we grow or buy from agricultural producers. Our client base numbers 1000 loyal farmers from Tambov, Lipetsk, Ryzan, Voronezh and other regions.

Among our regular partners such big players of the market as BayWa, Artis Group, EFKO Group, ASTON, Outspan International, Cargill, RIF Trade House and others.

How do we reach effective sales?

  • One of the components to success is high-capacity shipment High rate of grain receiving and shipment is reasoned by the availability of proper rail spur with the length of 3800 m. It is possible to dispose 3 trains (up to 150 wagons and 2 diesel locos), allowing efficient shipment.
  • We have RZD resolution on formation of block-trains with goods to the Black Sea ports.
  • Favorable geographical location allows us shipment to Black, Azov, Caspian and Baltic seas.

Shipment rates:

Up to 4 thousand tons prd


Up to 40 thousand tons

per month

Up to 250 thousand tons


Our rates are growing

1000 loyal farmers from Tambov, Lipetsk, Ryzan, and Voronezh regions with 3 500 000 tons gross yield of grains and oil crops

  • 0
    New cleaning line capacity
    200 tph
  • 0
    Perry complex capacity
    2000 tpd of grains
  • 0
    Rail shipment capacity
    3000 tpd
  • 0
    disposure on proper branch line
    150 wagons
Companies and partners
Please, refer to the list of companies, which we cooperate with for a long time and we are looking forward to further cooperation, always achieving success.
Working areas for grain processing
  • Leningrad oblast
  • Moscow oblast
  • Kosroma oblast
  • Yaroslavl oblast
  • Rostov oblast
  • Belgorod oblast
  • Ryazan oblast
  • Lipetsk oblast
  • Tambov oblast