Equipment and spare parts

Deparmnet of “Equipment, spare parts and service” is a division of Oktyabrskoe Group, which sell agricultural equipment, spare parts and render rpair and technical support services.

Over 20 years we are the leading company in Tambov region in the shere of agricultural equipment sales.

Since 2004 we are an official dealer of the Russian biggest company “Rostselmash”, which is in Top-5 of the world leaders of agricultural equipment producers.

Special offers
Main achivements are:
  • 30 Ha is the square of mechanized storehouse with the places for techniques, railways and loading/dispatch equipment
  • over 200 units of self-propelled machinaries are sold a year
  • 40 000 spare parts names are always available in stock
  • 12 service teams, certified by Rostselmash, work in Tambov region and 10 in Lipetsk
  • Not longer than 48 hours - during this period we repair a failure
  • Up to 1 hour - response time to the client’s breakdown claim, that allows to quickly troubleshoot and prevent downtime of machines
Main activities

We sell agricultural equipment for fully integrated gricultural production: tillage - planting - harvesting.

Over 60% of sales are machinery and equipment of Rostselmash company, which controls about 20% of world harvesting equipment. Rostselmash has an 85 years experience in the market of agricultural machinery industry and produces mashinery, oriented on the request of agrarian business specialists.

Company offers 24 types of agricultural equipment, 150 models with different power to carry farmwork throughout a year.

In addition we sell equipment of other producers such as Klever, KUHN, Minsk Tractor Works, Belgorod Factory Ritm, Kazanselmash, New Tone, Solar Fields and etc.

Agricultural equipment available:

  • Grain harvesters TORUM (rotor processing), ACROS, VECTOR, RSM (classic scheme), which provide a minimum cost at harvesting
  • Forage harvesters of RSM and DON series, which contribute to cost optimization at forage harvesting
  • Mounted and trailed farming machines manufactured by Klever (adapters, mowers, distributors, bins, seed dressers, rakes, balers and etc.) for grain harvesting, tillage, dressing and other types of work
  • VERSATILE tractors with classic and articulated frame with wheelmounted or track-mounted
  • VERSATILE tillage equipment, which effectively works in any environment
  • Sowing machinery with different working width. Sowing equipment is the basis of future yield
  • Mower tractor for grain and forage harvesting
  • Cattle breeding equipment, allowing to produce feed mixtures for cattle

Additional opportunities:

With us you can buy equipment on credit or use finance lease program with favorable terms.

Special offers

Oktyabrskoe Group is the only company in Tambov region that has certified and authorized service centre.

We rapidly response to inquiries. Qualified service specialists are ready to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of components and assemblies, define trouble reasons and fix them.

During a year we carried out about 400 visits for maintenance and 100 visits for minor repair.

High quality service is provided by the following components:

  • 22 service teams in Tambov and Lipetsk regions are equiped with all that is necessary to conduct repair, maintaince and diagnosis on the field or at client’s place. We can immediately make all necessary arrangements for machinery maintenance
  • Our service specialists are certified by machinery producers Rostselmash, Mercedes, Cummins, YaMZ and others. Our qualification and experince allow us to solve the most difficult problems
  • 48 hours is the period of maintenance and minor repair
  • We provide warranty on spare parts, instulled by our specialists
  • Service support operates 24/7
  • We respond to the clients claims during 1 hour. All request are added to the CRM, which shows the time reaction and fixes the departure time of the team

Innovative approach

We are ready to equip harvesters with GPS package (in case if it is not installed yet). It shows the location of the car, engine rpm speed, operating hours, temperature regime and other important readings. GPS package allows to keep track of machinery activity in on-line regime and rapidly respond on occuring troubls. It will minimize downtime of machines, which leads to big losses during the season of farmwork.


Procuring spare parts and services of machine maintenance, we provide you with free damage assessment and diagnosis of components and assemblies.

Oktyabrskoe is an exclusive wholesale supplier of spare parts for harvesters, tractors and their modifications and support equipment.

We work with biggest Russian and foreign producers of spare parts - Rostselmash, Klever, BUHLER VERSATILE, KUHN, Minsk Tractor Works.

Over 40 000 units of original spare parts for equipment of Russian and foreign producers are available in stock.

Here you can buy:

  • Spare parts for harvesters, tractors, agricultural components, sprayers, special equipment, grain-cleaners, tillage components
  • Tires
  • Original Rostselmash and Gazpromneft oil
  • Ware parts for maintenance
  • and many other spare parts

All spare parts are under manufacturers’ warranty.

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The company's activities went beyond the Tambov region. Opening new offices in other Central Black Earth regions, we strive to be closer to our clients.