In the field

Aug 22, 2016
In the field

August 19-20, it was held field training on the base of Rostselmash Academy for sales managers of equipment and service in Lipetsk and Tambov led by a certified coach Vladimir Nazarenko. The training consisted of two stages. The first stage led the equipment sales managers of Lipetsk and Tambov, showed their driving skills of harvester TORUM 750. Each manager could try himself as a combiner, to better acquaint with this kind of agricultural machinery and hone driving skills and take part in harvesting. Education got very emotional. Coming out of the cab, managers were not always able to supress the joy and delight, because they are now able to not only tell, but also demonstrate the benefits of Rostselmash harvesters.

In the second stage, service mechanics Lipetsk and Tambov attended the training. They showed not only driving skill, but also combine high performance tuning skills of a new generation harvester - RSM161. This is a major new lineup of Rostselmash in 2016. It is designed for harvesting all the traditional crops: cereals, pulses, oilseeds, cereals and clean-tilled crops. RSM161 is an effective machine with a capacity of about 45 t / h, able to handle up to 2 000 ha in a season. During training mechanics strengthen knowledge learned in the Academy Rostselmash in Rostov-on-Don, tried to re-configure the harvester, faced with a conditional breakdown and quickly removed it. After the training service mechanics were asked the coach all the questions, not only about details of RSM161 settings, but also on other models of agricultural machinery.

All trainees considered that it is necessary to conduct field studies of this kind since, in practice, everything is perceived differently than in theory. It is no wonder they say: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times." Organizers of training are confident that the knowledge and skills learned during the field training will help to increase sales, improve the quality of service and attraction of a large number of loyal customers.

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