Agricultural equipment Rostselmash – mechanic’s reliable friend

Feb 26, 2016
Agricultural equipment Rostselmash – mechanic’s reliable friend

On February 25, 26 a training was held for the mechanics of the Tambov region companies such as YUVAG, Rusagro, Dominant, TambovAgroPromHimiya. Machine operators of these companies were fortunate enough to finally raise agriculture of the region on high-performance, reliable, and most importantly, native agricultural machinery by Rostselmash.

The main purpose of the training was to provide information to reduce, and in some cases reduced to zero, the cost of agricultural partner for the repair and maintenance of Rostselmash equipment by competent, attentive and caring service. For this reason, the training was held under the slogan: "A man controls technology, not technique a man."

Traditionally, the training consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part was aimed at technical merit and capabilities of «TORUM», «Acros» «Vector» harvesters. This part of the training included information about the technical features of the device and service combine harvesters. Rostselmash coaches maximally tried to warn our partner against errors in operation, and most importantly - did their teaching abilities to equip fellow mechanics useful knowledge to improve cleaning performance and accelerate the pace of import substitution.

The practical part of the training was devoted to working out skills input technology into operation, performance settings, diagnostics and troubleshooting. At this stage, our students-the lucky ones were given the opportunity to ask the coach all the remaining issues. Here, machine operators, finally, begun to implement the theoretical knowledge in practice, which allowed them to get rid of the previously occurred fears and concerns before the powerful and impregnable TORUM and ACROS. And now, we are confident that robust and reliable friendship and mutual understanding unites our mechanics, “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC and Rostselmash in the same direction - a rich harvest.

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