Dec 17, 2015

DECEMBER 17? ON THE BASIS OF "Agrotechmash" SUPPORTED BY DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE TAMBOV seminar on "Technical modernization of agricultural production" was held.

Meeting of the leading farmers in the region completed the agricultural year. We discussed not only the results but also the state of the machine and tractor. What are the problems in this industry and how to overcome them?

ANSWER to outdated

If you rely on the numbers, as in the whole country, and in the Tambov region the state machine and tractor, if not depressing, it makes you wonder. About 80% of all machines in the farms of the region - over the age of 10 years. Of course, the technique of trying to maintain the proper level, it is still possible to work, but the time - on the side of modern technologies. To replace outdated models come high. Modern tractors and combines not only meet the latest standards and comforts so that their interiors resemble passenger cars of a representation class. It is important that such an effective and modern technology do not need to look abroad.

"Today's seminar is divided into blocks, and one of them is dedicated to the engineering industry, - says General Director of “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC Maxim Zhalnin. - The exhibition presents the best examples of art, manufactured by "Rostselmash".

The plant needs no introduction - since 1929, it is one of the leaders in the production of agricultural equipment. Today, farmers have seen and evaluated the rotary combine “Torum 750" - the most powerful in its lineup and one of the most high in the world. It is able to harvest during the season more than 2,000 hectares of diverse cultures, making 40 tons of grain per hour, 300 tons per shift. We combine a unique threshing system, it includes three innovations - the so-called bitern tilt camera, rotating deck and infinitely variable rotor drive.

We also presented a tractor «Versatile». Modern agricultural technologies require reducing the complexity and increasing the time between vehicles. This requires powerful, high-performance machines. "Rostselmash" tractors meet these requirements.

25% off - guaranteed technique.


Farmers know that domestic cars have an important advantage - a program of state support. It guarantees a 25% discount on Russian technology, and thanks to this "Rostselmash" holds a market share in the country at 86%. In addition to the options of state Rosagroleasing program applies, thanks to it, equipment of the Rostov plant available to farmers for a minimum initial payment.

In the "Rostselmash" line - tractors from 190 to 320 horsepower, and articulated tractors with power from 375 to 600 hp.

According to the director of the Department on the development of the dealer network "Rostselmash" Constantine RYASNOV in Tambov area equipment of the company successfully works in the fields for many years, "Our harvesters fully provide all the business executive needs, which must be removed quickly, with minimal losses, and then to the preparation of equipment the new season all the spare parts were on hand. We provide technical support, consultation and training of machine operators. And we are not just ready to compete with foreign technology. Independent tests in agrofirm "Trio" Lipetsk region showed that harvester "Torum" unequivocally surpassed the three major import competition. "


At the seminar the farmers have received awards from the “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC and "Rostselmash". Among them - Alexey Ananiev, combiner farm "V.N.Chueva" Mordovia region, IN a season he threshed 1865 tonnes; and combiner Alexei Panin, "Star" agricultural company Inzhavinsky region, threshed about 3504 tons. Rural workers do not like to talk a lot about how they have managed to achieve good results, but said: "Convenient, good processor, it is pleasant to work."

By the way, «Torum» Harvester found its host on the seminar, and immediately after the show he went to one of the farms in the region.


Head of the Agricultural Department of the Tambov region, Alexander Aksyonov: - The State pays special attention to the import substitution products, and it is impossible to achieve this without the advanced technology, equipment. Thus, in the framework of the program "Development of the industry and increase its competitiveness", which runs until 2020, one of the main problems indicated by a decrease of a share or a complete cessation of imports of foreign cars. Is there a high-quality agricultural equipment assembled in Russia? Today's seminar has shown that, yes.


"Rostselmash" - a group of companies, which includes 13 companies, producing equipment under the brands ROSTSELMASH, VERSATILE, FARM KING, Buhler. On the assembly sites in Russia, the USA, Canada and the EU made a complete line of machines and equipment for a successful agribusiness from soil preparation and planting to harvesting and processing of the crop. The product line of the company includes more than 150 models and modifications of the 24 types of equipment, including grain and forage harvesters, tractors, sprayers, forage and grain processing equipment, and others. "Rostselmash" equipment is in demand from consumers of 56 countries around the world. An extensive dealer network ensures prompt service and attention to each client.

Sergey Soloukhin

Article from the newspaper: The weekly "Arguments and Facts" № 52 12.23.2015

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