It is holiday Lipetsk! The grand opening of the "Rostselmash" dealer center

Mar 3, 2016
It is holiday Lipetsk! The grand opening of the "Rostselmash" dealer center

In Lipetsk, the grand opening of the dealer center agro-technology "Rostselmash" took place. This event can be called a real treat for all farmers of Lipetsk: now equipment, experts and the full after-sales service have become closer to them. Presentation of “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC, the official dealer of "Rostselmash" company in our region, attracted more than 200 guests at the site of the dealer on Kovalev Street, 129.

- Our way in the Lipetsk region was quite long and arduous. Thanks to a clear and specific objectives of the regional department of agriculture, today we managed to open a dealership, - said General Director of “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC Maxim Zhalnin. - Today, we take the start on the full operation of the complete dealership "Combine Plant" Rostselmash " LLC. This means that now we have eight specially trained and fully-trained service teams, stocked warehouse of spare parts for agricultural machinery and, of course, in the presence of all the advanced equipment of the "Rostselmash". All this certainly will form the basis of quality work Lipetsk agricultural complex this year. We hope to show the highest class. This season will show that together we are strong.

LLC "Combine Plant" Rostselmash "promptly and efficiently respond to the decision of the issue of import equipment for agriculture. And it was a significant advantage for those who work with the earth and the earth: domestic farm equipment has profitable price, and spare parts are delivered much faster than foreign analogues. In addition, "Rostselmash" has government support, which affect the benefit to the end user.

According to Deputy Head of the Regional Department of Agriculture Viktor Shilov, the opening of the "Rostselmash" dealer center in Lipetsk has a positive impact not only on the equipment base of the local producers, but also will allow to increase the quality of work in the harvest season at the expense of service. By the way, harvest campaign is a hot time not only for those who cultivate the fields, but also for those who help the farmers. Mobile service teams in a season of work in the fields are ready to go immediately and resolve issues at the consumer. Cars are equipped with high-technology equipment. Each car has smart and stuffing tools on 1 million rubles!

Exhibition open-air area shows visitors the whole range of the most popular and new technique "Rostselmash". Skilled managers will talk about each model and provide a comparative analysis of machines and equipment, prompt the best option for a particular case and objectives. Today harvester "Torum 750" is one of the most popular machines in the agricultural field. This indispensable tool in agriculture has become the flagship of the work of “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC in the region. “Torum 750" is selected both by private producers and large companies. Many agricultural producers, we can say, "grown up" in the versions of this harvester.

Today, it is available to novice farmers at an attractive cost. These advantages allow producers to update Lipetsk park by “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC. During only two months of this year, the company signed contracts for the supply of more than 50 combine harvesters. Some of them already have customers that will allow them to proceed without delay to the works in the field and get the added benefit.

It is important that a busy producer does not need to break away from work, to obtain the services of an official dealer of "Rostselmash". Each customer is served by a personal manager, the responsibility of which lies with the care of consumables, spare parts, warranty and other current issues. In addition, “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC will be happy to conduct technical inspection of equipment and prepare it by the beginning of the working season, and for winter storage.

To see all models of Rostselmash and get competent advice from qualified professionals is possible at any day in person or by phone 727-271. Dealer center at Kovalev, 129 will present the grain and forage harvesters, tractors, sprayers, tillage and sowing technique.

Rostselmash Group is one of the five largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. Over 80 years of "Rostselmash" has accumulated vast experience which allows to respond quickly to changing customer needs and to create the most effective solution for the implementation of harvesting.

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