Rostselmash Educational marathon

Jun 10, 2016
Rostselmash Educational marathon

From May 26 an educational marathon from certified trainers Rostselmash Academy started in “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC . The first stage of the marathon was held under the guidance of coach Michael Kondratova for equipment sales managers in Tambov and Lipetsk in order to increase the level of knowledge and practical skills in the field of active sales. The knowledge gained in the course "The main methods and techniques of successful sales" participants practiced during the role-playing games: one sales manager for a time could be in the role of "agricultural producer", which is planning to purchase Harvester.

The process of role-playing was recorded on video for later analysis and identifying the vector of development for each sales person. Of course, this technique helped to increase mutual understanding between the manager and the client! And successfully passing the exam according to the method Academy Rostselmash on the courses is a proof!

On June 9 the second stage of the educational marathon from Rostselmash took place, which was held under the traditional slogan:

"No technique operates man – man operates technique!"

Participants of the training at this stage were combiners of Tambov and Lipetsk regions. Initially (May 31 - June 4) combiners learned the subtleties of the technical operation, maintenance and repair Acros Harvester under the leadership of Sergei Trufanova.

Sergey Shklovskii took the baton on 6-9 June, telling happy owners of Torum Harvester of its technical features and benefits. Despite the vast experience of combiners, trainers, nevertheless, managed to surprise them, arming a simple way to solve complex problems. For example, it was possible to demonstrate that, often, the causes of problems in the operation of technology is the lack of understanding between the tractor and combiner. Organizers sure that the lectures and master classes by certified trainers Rostselmash will enhance the performance of the tractor, as well as , will expand the horizons of opportunities in sales of even "experienced" managers.

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