Harvester - as a native

Aug 22, 2016
Harvester - as a native

The most sustainable farmers of the region are awarded.

Harvesting campaign is in full blast on the sidelines of the Tambov region. To gather a good harvest, good quality equipment and skilled hands are needed. The region has a lot of hard-working employees who treat combine as a living creature - with warmth, attention and care. In these hot days, they received well-deserved awards.

Equipment loves care

“Oktyabrskoe” JSC - the official dealer of one of the world's largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery Rostselmash initiated to award the most caring combiners. Every year, farmers in the region prefer the equipment of this domestic producer not conceding on quality, it is much cheaper than imported counterparts.

At the same time due to the Government Decree № 1432 on the approval of rules for provision of subsidies to producers of agricultural machinery, which allows farmers to receive a 25% discount, equipment has become more accessible. However, much depends on the quality of operation. Experts of LLC "Agrotechnologies" "Rusagro" Group, who first received awards, can serve as the best example in this regard. They showed a sound approach to the operation and maintenance of Rostselmash harvesters and quickly mastered the innovative technologies.

"As a rule, workers in agriculture are awarded on the basis of the season results, and the main criterion of success considered is grind grain. But apart from that it is also important that the equipment operates as long as possible, - said Maxim Zhalnin, General Director of “Oktyabrskoe” JSC. - We have initiated a new tradition and we will reward the most competent and skillful workers, who are attentive to their equipment. There are examples when harvesters are used for more than five years, but they look as if just arrived from the factory. Such workers are worthy of attention and encouragement! "

Named the best

There is no time to gather in the grand hall in hot season, so the diploma and a watch engraved from Alexander Rychkin, Head of service and spare parts service of “Oktyabrskoe”, and Alexander Sterligov - his deputy, farmers received directly in the field during harvesting. Nicholas and Alexander Sazykina Oleg Solovyov, Oleg Zamotaev, Nikolai Ustinov, Edward Baharev Vladimir Epikhin (Dmitrievsky division), Alexander Volkov and Alexey Pavlov (Sampursk division), Sergei Tolubaev and Sergei Pugachev (Zherdevsky division), as well as Sergei Myaktinov (Tambov division) are among the winners.

During the awards it was possible to learn the opinion of combiners. They believe that the Rostselmash harvesters are much more convenient, clearer in use and more profitable than foreign analogues. Alexei Pavlov, Head of the service Sampurskaya production department, is sure that there is no sense to overpay for foreign equipment: "In terms of price and quality Rostselmash has no competitors. Our department has 44 thousand hectares of land and 23 thousand of them are under grain crops. So each harvester has a huge load, it is a real test for them. We use harvesters Acros and Torum of Rostselmash production, and during all these years we didn’t have serious breakdowns and downtime. Of course, a lot depends on the knowledge and experience of machine operators, and we are grateful to the “Oktyabrskoe “ JSC for the attention and awards. All these years we have worked closely and content with sales and service departments: the company has competent, energetic professionals who are always promptly respond to our requests ".Well, farmers a lot of work in coming time. We wish them every success in the difficult work!

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