Interactive tour on production - via the Internet

Jan 28, 2016
Interactive tour on production - via the Internet

Rostselmash customers and all those interested in the opportunity to visit the enterprise, without leaving home.

Company Website offers go through a virtual tour of the production.

3D-format that firmly entered the movies, allow the to visit the production spots almost complete presence. Use the cursor to move around the map and shift the angle of view in any of the thumbnails for a full review of each location.

Virtual Tour Pages supplemented by information inquiries with a brief description of each facility tours and videos demonstrating the production workflow.

For the comfort and convenience of visitors panoramic site equipped with auto-rotation option, and quick flow menu excursions; and you can immediately get into the unit, which is interested in "guest" most using icons. By clicking on the "Sound" icon your virtual tour will take atmospheric music.

Of course, the virtual tour is not able to completely replace a real visit and live a full tour is the only glimpse now. But, at least, you can satisfy your curiosity now, directly from your city.

Virtual tour Page of Rostselmash

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