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  • Grain harvester VECTOR 450 Track
  • Grain harvester VECTOR 450 Track
  • Grain harvester VECTOR 450 Track
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Номинальная мощность двигателя255 л.с.
  • Объем бункера6.0 м^3
  • Расход топлива6.33 кг/га
  • Производительность комбайна4.12 га/ч

Grain harvester VECTOR 450 Track

VECTOR 450 Track is a new grain harvester designed especially for harvesting in adverse soil conditions. Its distinctive feature is caterpillar chassis. Due to huge area of supporting surface, this harvester is almost the only acceptable decision for swampy fields, which are usual, for example, in Russian Far East, as well as in rice-growing regions.

New extended feeder house provide a better view of the cutting bar unit and make maize harvesting easier as no changes are required.
In addition, increased up to 3000 kg payload gave the machine the ability to work with wide adapters, which was an important factor in increasing the productivity of the harvester on fields with low productivity.
Longitudinal-lateral spring copying is a simple and reliable decision for effective use of the whole reaper width on uneven fields.


VECTOR 450 Track is equipped with original and highly efficient classical threshing system with a drum of 800mm diameter – this unique “generic” sign of Rostselmash harvesters is well-known among professionals worldwide. Super-drum The drum advantages are enormous persistence, easily copes with wet, contaminated or twisted crop mass. It is necessary to work with low rpm of threshing drum, when threshing cereal and oilseeds, grain of which can be easily damaged. The reducing gearbox integrated into the drum, proposed as an option, allows to work with reduced rpm. In this case, the spare threshing with minimal percentage of damaged grain is achieved. The drum large diameter allows to extremely increase the under-drum area coverage angle (130˚) providing significant separation area (1.1m2) and the most convenient threshing geometry, i.e. extensive and smooth. By this feature, almost complete (95%) separation is achieved with extremely low grain damage rate. Such results are shown not by every multi-drum system!


4-keys straw walker with 7 cascades, 2-stage cleaning system with powerful fan and autonomous final threshing device provide especially reliable residual separation. Grain gets the tank in clean and undamaged condition, actually ready for sales.


The grain tank transforming roof allows to increase its capacity from 4.5 up to 6m3, or reduce the harvester dimensions, if required. The opening electrical mechanism is control from cabin. Hydraulic pulsers – distinctive feature of Rostselmash harvesters – are arranged on the tank bottom. Due to pulsers, the harvester easily unloads wet grain, what leads to increasing of shift efficiency.


The harvester is equipped with YaMZ-236 BK-7 powerful 6-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine. These engines have optimal performance, torque reserve of 20% at peak loads, and economy fuel consumption. The pre-start heating device assists the engine start in cold weather.

Large 540L fuel tank allow to work up to 14 hours without refueling.

Air compressor with 110L receiver is included into standard set and saves enough time for shift-based maintenance, especially in mobile conditions when the special support machine is not available.


VECTOR is equipped with hydraulic-static transmission providing stage-free speed adjustment from 0 to 16km/h The range of working gears allows to load the harvester when working on low-crop fields. The harvester incorporates a unique solidly balanced suspension allowing to copy the field unevenness with height up to 250mm without swinging the reaper, provide minimal pressure on soil with variable contact point (depending on grain tank load), high maneuverability, possibility of comfort moving along general purpose roads, reparability and easy care.

Minimal specific pressure

The VECTOR 450 Track chassis have one more unique feature – variable contact point – due to low arrangement and front wheel spring. When the grain tank is empty, the wheel is in upper position, and the contact point is minimal. When moving along the roads (especially with asphalt coating), this assists the comfort increase and reducing the track wear. When the grain tank is filled for 20%, the wheel is lowered, and the contact point is increased by 20%, i.e. up to maximum. This decision allowed to reduce the specific pressure on soil up to recorded 0.5kg/cm2! This is 1.3 … 1.5 times less then harvesters of other manufacturers. (For comparing: wheeled harvester with full grain tank produces pressure about 2.5kg/cm2).


VECTOR harvester is equipped with spring, pressurized, double-seat Comfort Cab with improved noise-insulation, air-conditioner, heater, cooling chamber, and radio.

High maneuverability

VECTOR 450 Track is equipped with 4-machine scheme (pump and motor per each track) for the first time, which allows to realize comfort “mechanotronic” control by means of usual steering wheel and a joystick. Ability to perform a complete turn on one place, around its axis (tracks move to opposite sides) is the next unique feature of VECTOR 450 Track harvester transmission.


Various ways of harvesting improvement

The correspondent frontal equipment is required for such high-efficient harvesters. Everybody knows that the harvesting starts from reaper. Therefore, the selection of right decision represents the most important aspect when selecting the harvester. Universal grain reaper Power Stream.


In order to harvest the corn seeds, the thresher re-equipment set and 6- or 8-row snapper is proposed. The device provides harvesting of seeds with simultaneous shredding and throwing of leaf-stem mass over the field.

Sunflower seeds

The 8-row reaper especially designed for harvesting the sunflower shall provide the completeness crop harvesting at minimum rate of 98%, what is not achievable when using another type attachments. The reapers reliably operate in any agricultural conditions, including stunted sunflower hybrids.


In order to achieve maximum effectiveness when harvesting the easily-damaged cultures, the additional equipment is proposed. Rape attachment for reapers 6/7/9 m will reduce losses at harvesting by 3-4 times and additionally pick-up 30-100 kg of grain from 1 hectare of field, depending of crop capacity.


Losses when harvesting soya and other creeping cultures shall be dramatically reduced in case of using the reaper with flexible cutting apparatus able to copy the field micro-relief. The possibility of rigid knife fixing is foreseen in order to harvest traditional erect cultures.

Pickup attachment

In case of separate harvesting, the harvesters are equipped with pickup platforms having width 3.4 or 4.3 m. As the reaper, this device is able to copy the field relief in longitudinal and later directions. Reliable protection of pickup elements from clogging, winding and blowing-off the mass by wind provides its stable operation even in adverse conditions.

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