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  • Falcon series sunflower reapers
  • Falcon series sunflower reapers
  • Falcon series sunflower reapers
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Количество рядков8,12 рядков
  • Производительностьдо 5.6 т/ч
  • Междурядья70 см
  • 3 угла атаки3 угла атаки
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Falcon series sunflower reapers

FALСON series specialized 8 and 12-row unique reapers are designed for sunflower harvesting. High efficiency and protective care of sunflower seeds are the main features of FALСON series reapers, which similarly effective operate in all crop areas when harvesting the high-grown and low-grown kinds: the reapers can catch the sunflower heads event at height of 600mm. It is achieved due to hinged dividers adjustable in respect of height.

High efficiency is provided by belt transporter, which helps to avoid losses and lifter clogging.

Quality advantages

Reducing of losses

The design feature of lifter channels shape provides feeding of sunflower heads with their simultaneous inclination over the belt transporters. Due to this, the sunflower seeds are directed to the reaper worm and, further, to the harvester inclined chamber without losses. It is the additional factor of losses reducing.

Exclusion of failures

The stem dividers hinged attachments exclude the machine failure when hitting an obstacle.

Double protection

Two safety clutches provide the failure-free drive stop in case of critical overloads of working mechanisms.

Reduces losses

High windshield reduces losses when harvesting of various-height sunflower.


Belt transporter with automatic tensioning directs the shed seeds and heads with stems of any length from the field of any crop in any weather conditions. As a result, any shedding of seeds from the heads is performed directly on transporter. The harvesting can be carried out even later the specified harvesting terms.

Reliability and faultiness

Original design of worm with toothed flights in the center provides uniform feeding of mass into the harvester, and does not allow to accumulate the mass under the worm preventing it from bending and jamming.

Aggregated with any harvester

It can be rapidly and easily aggregated almost with any harvester models by means of special spacer.

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