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  • Grain harvester ACROS 595
  • Grain harvester ACROS 595
  • Grain harvester ACROS 595
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Номинальная мощность двигателя325 л.с.
  • Объем бункера9.0 м^3
  • Расход топлива1.9 л/т
  • Производительность комбайна19.84 т/ч

Grain harvester ACROS 595

High productivity, universality, care of grain and straw, easiness of adjustments and comfortable work station – these are the merits for which ACROS harvesters are evaluated by agrarians all over the world. The series is represented by several models adapted for various operating conditions. When choosing ACROS, be sure, that you purchase the harvester acknowledged as the best in its class. INCLINED CHAMBER

The ACROS 590 inclined chamber uses a unique decision – accelerating beater is installed at the transporter output. It allows the harvester to get a series of operating advantages: now, the mass is not only flattened, but also accelerated before it is fed into threshing drum. As the result, the load on thresher is reduced, and its capacity is increased.

Due to absence of input beater, there is no necessity in reequipping the inclined chamber for harvesting the row crops. The device endured other changes. The ACROS 590 inclined chamber became longer by 0.25m. It also promotes the uniform feeding of the mass into thresher. Besides, the cutting apparatus coverage has been improved, and the reaper installation/removal procedure has been made easier.
The ACROS 590 basic set includes automatic soil relief-copying system, which allows to increase the harvesting efficiency due to increase of operating speed, and reduce the losses behind the reaper.
Three operating modes, automatic transferring the adapter into transporting position and programmable preset copying settings make easier the harvesting process.


Rostselmash designed original and highly efficient threshing system for ACROS. Strong and reliable, with high efficiency and careful separation, meeting the highest grain quality requirements.
Its main feature is original threshing drum of the largest diameter in the world (800mm), which, due to enormous persistence, easily copes with wet, contaminated or twisted crop mass.
The drum large diameter allows to extremely increase the under-drum area coverage angle (130˚) providing significant separation area (1.38m2) and the most convenient threshing geometry, i.e. extensive and smooth.
By this feature, almost complete (95%) separation is achieved with extremely low grain damage rate. Such results are shown not by every multi-drum system!


Traditional threshing system used in the harvester is reasonably considered as a strong ACROS feature. Classical single-drum thresher represents objectively the best combination of high capacity and low energy expenses. Besides, it differs by minimum risks of grain damage and care of straw.

Thorough separation in any conditions

New straw walker of ACROS 590 provides more intensive separation process, especially in high humidity conditions. Its area is increased, the bar grooves are made lengthwise providing better grain falling.
ACROS 590 has got new cleaning system. Additional sieve creates the second blown cascade, where the more powerful air flow is created by highly efficient 2-section fan, and the total area of sieves comprises 5.2 m2. All these features provide grain entering into the grain tank without requiring the additional cleaning.
Electrical adjustment of the sieves allows rapidly and conveniently to perform all cleaning adjustments without leaving the work station. It enables to reduce ineffective labor time and losses. This option acquires special meaning in changeable harvesting conditions.


Practice has shown that the grain unloading takes not less than 5% of working shift. In order to reduce this time, ACROS harvester is equipped with highly productive unloading device (unloading speed is up to 90 L/sec.) and large-volume grain tank (9000 L). The complete grain tank unloading takes less than two minutes.
Smart Launch comprises a patented device of separated consequent activation of unloading and horizontal worms. Such device provides high-speed unloading with minimum risk of clogging. Also, the cycling unloading is possible due to Smart Launch used in the harvester.
One more advantage consists of that the unloading worm at its deactivation always frees from grain remainders not allowing its losses at folding the worm – the situation which always occurs in many other harvesters.


ACROS classical threshing and separation system practically does not damage the straw. Depending on the supposed use, the straw can be shred and throw, or lay it into swath.

Integrated shredder-thrower
provides thorough straw cutting and its uniform distribution over the field surface at preset reaper width. The design uses knives with wear-resistant edges having self-sharpening effect.

Shredder activation

is occurred automatically together with thresher, but there is the possibility to do it in manual mode by a button on control panel.

Two shredding speeds

The shredding drum has two rotational speeds: 3 400 rpm for grain harvesting and around 2 000 rpm for corn. The underspeed is introduced for the purpose to reduce the shredder wear.

Uniform chaff distribution

The chaff-thrower can be installed on ACROS 590 as additional equipment. It provides uniform chaff distribution along the reaper coverage width, what is the necessary condition for further non-plowing soil processing. The chaff-thrower rotor rpm can be controlled from the cabin, as well as from outside, and the hydraulic drive will not require any additional adjustments and settings.

Shredder on ACROS 590 harvester

It operates in improved scheme “swath-laying along the travel direction”. The design alterations allowed to increase the shredding rate and throwing width, as well as exclude the risk of straw heap suspension, particularly, long and matted stems of buckwheat or rape.


CROS harvesters are equipped with Cummins 6-cylinder reliable engines thoroughly selected in respect of power and torque moment. Torque reserve of 20% guarantees that ACROS will reliably perform its operation in any harvesting situation.
Does not require too much
Minimum fuel cost is another condition of high-effective harvesting, which has been taken into account when choosing the engines for ACROS.
You will be pleasantly surprised by low fuel consumption and high efficiency of the engine, which guarantee minimum fuel consumption per a ton of threshed grain. Economical engine together with 540L fuel tank allow to work up to 14 hours without refueling.

Air compressor with 110L receiver (included into standard set of all ACROS models) saves enough time for shift-based maintenance, especially in mobile conditions when the special support machine is not available.


ACROS harvester is equipped with spring, pressurized, double-seat Comfort Cab with improved noise-insulation, air-conditioner, heater, cooling chamber, and radio.


Various ways of harvesting improvement
The correspondent frontal equipment is required for such high-efficient harvesters. Everybody knows that the harvesting starts from reaper. Therefore, the selection of right decision represents the most important aspect when selecting the harvester.


In order to harvest the corn seeds, the set of ACROS thresher re-equipment and 6- or 8-row snapper is proposed. The device provides harvesting of seeds with simultaneous shredding and throwing of leaf-stem mass over the field.

Sunflower seeds

The 8- and 12-row reapers especially designed for harvesting the sunflower shall provide the completeness crop harvesting at minimum rate of 98%, what is not achievable when using another type attachments. The reapers reliably operate in any agricultural conditions, including stunted sunflower hybrids.


In order to achieve maximum effectiveness when harvesting the easily-damaged cultures, the additional equipment is proposed. Rape attachment for reapers 6/7/9 m will reduce losses at harvesting by 3-4 times and additionally pick-up 30-100 kg of grain from 1 hectare of field, depending of crop capacity.

Small-seeded cultures

When harvesting seeds of legumes and cereals, it is possible to reduce considerably the seed losses and increase their purity, if the harvester will be equipped with special attachment (“piercing” sieves, deck strip, etc.).

Pickup attachment

In case of separate harvesting, the harvesters are equipped with pickup platforms having width 3.4 or 4.3 m. As the reaper, this device is able to copy the field relief in longitudinal and later directions. Reliable protection of pickup elements from clogging, winding and blowing-off the mass by wind provides its stable operation even in adverse conditions.

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