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  • Grain tank accumulator
  • Grain tank accumulator
  • Grain tank accumulator
  • Высота погрузки4.6 м
  • Длина шнека6 м
  • Объем37 и 46 м^3
  • Рекомендуемая мощность трактора275 л.с.
  • Частота вращения BOM1000 об/мин

Grain tank accumulator

Grain tank accumulator is designed for increasing the harvester efficiency due to reducing of working time losses by 30 – 40%. Grain tanks-transfers perform grain acceptance from harvester during harvesting of cereals and tilled crops, their transportation to the edge of field and transferring to vehicles. Therefore, the unloading process of grain from harvester does not require its stopping and provides continuous harvesting process.

Grain unloading from harvester does not require its stopping. Special design of unloading worm allows transferring the grain not only to deck of grain carriers, but also into input tank of worm transfers to load the granaries. Grain tank accumulators will assist the agricultural goods manufacturers to reduce the time for sowing campaign due to ability to deliver the seed material up to the field. In the base set, the grain tank-transfers are equipped with high-efficient 6-m unloading worm, turning sleeve of unloading worm and rolling canvas from rain. The Rostselmash grain tank accumulators are made of high-quality components to provide long-term and faultless operation in adverse conditions of harvesting season. Additional plus for agricultural goods manufacturers will be considerable reducing of labor costs.

Quality advantages

Simplicity of aggregation with tractor

On the grain tank carrier short tongue there is a jack with turning handle, which allows to aggregate it with tractor without any problem.

Direct worm drive from tractor PTO

The worm drive is performed from tractor PTO. Torque moment of tank bottom worm is transferred through belt drive, and in unloading worm – through direct gear from gearbox shaft. It excludes the application of chain drive, and, due to this, the transfer time is reduced, and the tank worms efficiency is increased.

Low-pressure tires

Reducing of soil compaction is achieved due to low air pressure in tires of tank-transfer.

Adjustable grain unloading speed

Grain transfer speed adjustment is performed by means of valves arranged inside the grain chamber. The valve position is adjusted from tractor by means of hydraulic cylinders, which change the height of valve elevation relatively to tank bottom worm.

Providing of grain safekeeping for transportation

Tank-grain carrier is equipped with canvas, which, in case of transportation to long distances, prevents grain losses, penetration of water, dust, and dirt into grain chamber. Special roller mechanism with a handle allows to cover the grain chamber with canvas just by one operator standing on ground.

Grain lower unloading adjustment

The wheel with toothed gear allows manual adjusting of the grain unloading speed.

Grain lower unloading system

The Rostselmash grain tanks-accumulators in basic set are equipped with grain lower unloading system. This allows unloading the grain into input devices of worm transfers to provide fast loading of granaries.

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