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  • Grass Mower 350 frontal rotary mower
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Производительность80 т/ч
  • Скорость вращения роторов3200 об/мин
  • Ширина захвата3.4 м
  • КондиционерКондиционер
  • ПлющилкаПлющилка
  • Ротор с изогнутыми ножамиРотор с изогнутыми ножами

Grass Mower 350 frontal rotary mower

Grass Mower 350 reliable frontal rotary mower in the set of universal self-propelled mower is designed for operation on fields with crop capacity of 200 quintal/hectare. It evenly mows high-crop and laid grass. The result of its work is the highest quality of forage, which is achieved by means of highly efficient conditioner smoothly drying the mowed mass.

Delicate compaction is performed by adjustable compacting rolls, which provide uniform and fast drying of the mass. Grass Mower 350 is used together with Rostselmash universal self-propelled mower in all areas of plain agriculture, on fields with flattened relief, and the field slope not more than 8°.

Quality advantages

Protection from damages

When hitting the serious obstacles (e.g. hydrants, poles, etc.) unseen in grass, shear pin installed on each rotor saves the cutting beam from critical damages. Due to this, the cutting beam rest elements are prevented from failures. There is no necessity to disassemble and change toothed gears of the cutting beam; it is enough to replace cutting support, and the mower is ready for operation.

Speed and quality of processing of forage mass

Highly efficient conditioner with V-type fixed hips provides uniform and efficient fluffing of forage mass. The result is its fast and uniform drying and reducing of processing operations number.

Selected forage mass

In order to compact such fragile plants as medic, adjustable chevron compacting rollers providing high quality of forage without losses of leaf-stem mass are installed.

Economy and exemplary straw quality

Thanks to special design, the knives throw the mowed mass upwards and backwards along the moving of cutting beam. Thus, when mowing high-yielder grass at high speeds, there are no obstructions in front of it, and the mowed mass is not cut twice.

High efficiency

The mower efficiency is up to 80t/h. Due to high rotor speed (3200 rpm), the productivity and possibility of good crop during next mowing are increased. The mower does not damage the roots of mowed culture, and its speed is up to 18km/h.

Minimal energy expenses

Active cylindrical feeding drums installed on the end rotors of the cutting beam direct the mowed mass to the center. Therefore, the mowed mass does not get on to the non-mowed grass at the next running of tractor.

High reparability

Compacting rollers consist of rubber segments with chevron profile. The compacting unit wear usually happens in the most loaded area, in the center of roller. In order to replace, it is enough to replace the worn segment with new one, or replace the segments, but not the whole roller completely.

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