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  • Tukan 1600 baler
  • Tukan 1600 baler
  • Tukan 1600 baler
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Производительность10 т/ч
  • Размер тюка46x39
  • Требуемая мощность на BOM55 л.с.
  • Ширина захвата1.6 м
  • Выгрузное устройствоВыгрузное устройство
  • Счетчик тюковСчетчик тюков

Tukan 1600 baler

It is always wanted to save the collected grass mass in fresh and nutritive condition. Tukan 1600 package baler is designed for this purpose: it pickups the straw swaths of natural and sow grass or straw, presses grass mass into rectangular bales and ties them with rope. All stages of the machine work are operative: picking, pressing, and unloading of bales. “Saving” is the key word when the baler is operating.

Saving the time, labor costs and energy sources. The baler will not fail even in the moments of getting the foreign objects into the mechanism, because the protection systems will operate reliably. The machine is used everywhere, except mountain areas. Even light plant cultures will be suitable for bale forming. Special system of density regulation is installed in the machine.

Quality advantages

Winding mechanism protection

A safety shear bolt is installed for failure protection of winding mechanism in case of critical loads in extraordinary situations.

Reliability of operation and perfect coupling properties

The coupling between gear plate and polyurethane bushing is achieved due to polyurethane high friction ratio, where the plate presses pricks, which then restore due to elastic properties of this material. Thus, at the moment of returning the gear into initial position, when it falls from the upper point into the lower one, the semi-rounded teeth do not damage polyurethane bushing and not reducing it coupling properties.

High quality bales at reduced transporting costs

Central pressing chamber allows to gain the higher pressing density, what increases productivity and reduces transporting costs.

Preventing of baler from destruction

The torque is transferred to the baler by belt drive, which does not require lubrication, and, in case clogging the baler by large mass or foreign object, it slips on pulley, thus preventing destruction of the drive and the baler itself.

Long-term service life of PTO and hitch

Availability of counterweight in crank mechanism allows to reduce inertia forces arising during piston movement. The result is uniform and non-jerking movement of tractor.

Convenience of operation

The baler is lifted and lowered from the tractor cabin by switching the hydraulic distributor lever, what provides convenient operation.

Log-time operation without stops

There is a possibility to install up to 8 rope reels, what allows to work without stops within the whole shift, and, consequently, saves the time.

Saving time and labor costs

The baler can be equipped with unloading device and an option of bale counter, usage of which saves the time and allows to optimize the machine working processes.

Long-term operation of the drive

The machine is equipped with protective freewheel clutch. It transfers the torque from the propeller shaft to the pulley. When the tractor PTO is deactivated, the pulley continues to rotate by inertia. At this moment, the clutch activates, and the pulley rotation is not transferred on the stopped PTO. Frictional protective clutch smoothes impact at activation of tractor PTO. This increases the long-term operation of the drive. In order to prevent failures of baler units due to clogging by mass or getting foreign objects into working elements, the shear bolt, through which the torque from flywheel to main gearbox of the machine is transferred, is installed.

100 % protection from overloads and extraordinary situations

In case of any emergency situation, when needles cannot come back into initial position during the winding, the danger of piston hit on needles through the pressed material occurs, what shall lead to needle deformation. The deformed needles, in their turn, can damage the winding mechanism. The safety stop is envisaged to exclude such cases. If the needles do not come back into initial position, the piston, when moving inside the chamber, will not hit the needles, because it will be stopped by safety stop, and the safety bolt will be sheared on the flywheel.

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