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  • Pelikan Max 1500 reel baler
  • Pelikan Max 1500 reel baler
  • Pelikan Max 1500 reel baler
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Диаметр рулонов1.5 м
  • Производительность12 т/ч
  • Требуемая мощность на BOM61 л.с.
  • Ширина захвата2 м
  • ПультПульт

Pelikan Max 1500 reel baler

Pelikan Max 1500 baler will be your best assistant in the process of picking up the straw swaths of natural and sow grass, pressing the rolls and winding them with rope. The machine performs perfectly each stage of its operation.

Productivity achieves 12t/h, and the coverage width is up to 2m. You get accurate, tight and even roll. The important principle of the bale operation is the saving of your resources: time, energy expenses or money. Pelikan Max 1500 baler is designed for ideal work.

Quality advantages

The machine coverage width is 2m
The increased coverage width allows picking up the swaths even behind the wide-coverage mowers. Thus, the highest productivity of the baler is provided.

Pressing density adjustment
Changing of the pressing density is performed in field conditions during roll forming, depending on grass humidity level. When moving upwards the indicator, the pressing density increases, when moving down – reduces. The achieved pressing density (filling level of pressing chamber) is indicated by hands from the LH side of baler.

Efficient rope consumption
The degree of winding the roll with rope is provided by three-stage pulley. Depending on which diameter (degree) the rope will be laid, the distance between threads is increased or reduced during the winding process, and, correspondingly, the rope consumption.

Reliable roll winding
The required width of winding is easily adjusted by means of movable stops, which allow to optimally adjust the winding degree depending on the tasks to be implemented.

Fast lifting of the pressing chamber
Hydraulic cylinders of the pressing chamber lift have cross-section of 50mm diameter. It allows to reduce the lifting time up to 4 seconds, what is 60% faster, than with hydraulic cylinders having diameter 80mm.

Reel unloading efficiency
Due to rolling surface with strong springs, the reels are easily rolled down beyond pressing chamber closing trajectory, and there is no need for the operator to drive back during unloading. As the result, the unloading time comprises 8 seconds only.

Reliable operation and security in extraordinary situations
The high-quality propeller shaft with protective clutch provides reliable baler drive.

Exemplary selection of reels of various weight and humidity
Reels pickup with various lime weight and humidity level is done due to integrated normalize adjustable in height. The normalize position height is adjusted by installation of required chain link on the latches. Special clip prevents the mass edging when picking large reels, as well as avoids the rope from getting into pickup mechanism in the beginning of winding.

ОLack of moments diverting from tractor control
By means of the above control panel in tractor cabin, it is easy to supervise the filling of pressing chamber, switch-on and control the winding, as well as watch the moment of opening and closing of the pressing chamber. Thus, the operator does not divert for visual inspection of the baler units, and can be completely focused on the tractor control. As an option, the panel is equipped with roll-counting system.

Continuous operation
In order to prevent the failure of parts and units of the picking mechanism because of clogging by the mass or getting the foreign objects into working elements, the shear bolt is foreseen, through which the torque is transferred from the gear to the picker shaft. In case of clogging by the mass or getting the foreign objects, shearing of the protective bolt allows to avoid the failure of picker and other elements.
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