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  • Pelikan 1200 reel baler
  • Pelikan 1200 reel baler
  • Pelikan 1200 reel baler
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Диаметр рулонов1.2 м
  • Производительность10 т/ч
  • Требуемая мощность на BOM61 л.с.
  • Ширина захвата1.5 м
  • Комбинированная камера прессованияКомбинированная камера прессования

Pelikan 1200 reel baler

Extended abilities of Pelikan 1200 baler will be liked by all agricultural producers. It is designed for picking up the straw swaths of natural and sow grass or straw, pressing them into rolls with consequent winding with rope. It is also possible to pick up the straw of high humidity for feeding. Uniform pressing degree provides long-term storage of forages.

This criteria is one of the most important at selection of baler. Using Pelikan 1200, you get ideally even rolls, which do not crumble and settle. Fast unloading of ready rolls and efficient lifting of pressing chamber will help to reduce the working time. Easiness of control allows not being worried about the process. It is aggregated with tractors of 1.4 drawbar category.

Quality advantages

Rolls of the highest density

Shafts in the front part and plane chains in the rear part of the baler form the rolls of the highest density. Even, if the material is in very dry or wet condition, the combined scheme stably forms and tightly presses the roll. Availability of two systems in the baler gives the following advantages:

  1. 1. Plane chains in the rear part start to make the roll very early, thus, the core becomes very tight.
  2. 2. Shafts in the front part form the rolls up to optimal shape and provide high pressing density at the end of the roll forming process.

Fast lifting of the pressing chamber

Hydraulic cylinders of the pressing chamber lift have cross-section of 50mm diameter. It allows to reduce the lifting time up to 4 seconds, what is 60% faster, than with hydraulic cylinders having diameter 80mm.

Lack of moments diverting from tractor control

By means of the above control panel in tractor cabin, it is easy to supervise the filling of pressing chamber, switch-on and control the winding, as well as watch the moment of opening and closing of the pressing chamber. Thus, the operator does not divert for visual inspection of the baler units, and can be completely focused on the tractor control. As an option, the panel is equipped with roll-counting system.

Fast winding mechanism

Double winding mechanism works for 67% faster than single one. Due to this, the productivity of Pelikan roll baler is increased for 30%.

Reel unloading efficiency

Due to rolling surface with strong springs, the reels are easily rolled down beyond pressing chamber closing trajectory, and there is no need for the operator to drive back during unloading. As the result, the unloading time comprises 8 seconds only.

Protection of pressing chamber from damages

Baler of large diameter allows to avoid getting the stones and foreign objects into the pressing chamber.

Reliable operation and security in extraordinary situations

The imported propeller shaft and protective clutch provide reliable drive.

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