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  • Cultivator seeders
  • Cultivator seeders
  • Cultivator seeders
  • Глубина обработки3-20 см
  • Междурядье254 мм
  • Нагрузка на стойку250 кг
  • Стрельчатая лапа/ширина крыльев305 мм
  • Ширина захвата10.7 м
  • Катки полиэтиленовыеКатки полиэтиленовые
  • 4-х рядные пружинные бороны4-х рядные пружинные бороны

Cultivator seeders

Sowing complexes on the cultivator base are considered as practical means for investments into future crop. In case of buying such complex, you procure not only seeder, but also fledged cultivator “2 in 1”, and such tandem will operate from spring till autumn, working off every invested ruble with maximum effect.

Precise control of processing depth is achieved by means of segments installed on main cylinder.

Massive cylinder is used together with 140mm rocking shaft of main frame with doubled walls to follow the structure integrity and provide achievement of exact seeding depth.

Flexi-wing hinges on all five frame sections and small operating wheel base (2.2m only) provide terrain relief copying in the most adverse soil processing conditions. The frame flexibility fluctuates within 14.5 degrees upwards, and 8 degrees downwards.

Doubled balancing wheels along whole coverage width provide excellent overcoming of field unevenness, especially when driving across the furrow.

The cultivator is designed for easiness of maintenance and adjustment, i.e. it is very easy to level the aggregate in longitudinal and lateral directions by means of fast-adjustable levers.


The ploughshare struts are rocking on hinges with nylon maintenance-free bushing with high slipping parameters. The strut spring stress of 250kg allows to maintain constant processing depth even in the most adverse conditions. Arrowed paws with width of 30cm cut weeds at desired depth and without lapses.

Mounted 4-row spring harrows finally flatten the processed field surface by crashing clods and distributing stubble remains, thus allowing to prepare the field for seeding without additional passing.

The cultivator seeder is equipped with two kinds of working elements: arrowed paw of 305mm and chisel of 50mm. Shoe-splitter 40TS provides the line width under arrowed paw up to 8cm, and for chisel – 5cm. In case of row-spacing of 25cm, the distance between seed lines will be 17-19cm. As a rule, the chisel-type ploughshare provides much accurate laying of seeds into seeding channel, but the arrowed paw possesses doubtless advantage of cutting the weeds at seeding process.