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  • Pneumatic grain tanks
  • Pneumatic grain tanks
  • Pneumatic grain tanks
  • Количество потоков2 потока
  • Мощность трактора+70 л.с.
  • Норма высева1.5-345 кг/га
  • Объем бункера11 100 л
  • Производительность шнека1 т/мин
  • Требования к потоку гидравлики75 л/мин

Pneumatic grain tanks

The Versatile grain tanks-transfers are delivered in configurations Tow-between (grain tank behind the tractor) and Tow-behind (grain tank behind the cultivator). The tanks capacities are 7575, 9514, 11099 and 13743 L.

They provide uniform distribution and delivery of fertilizers and seeds to working elements of seeder. Independently on type and size of seeds, the introducing accuracy is the guaranteed result.

Capacious and convenient tank for seeds and fertilizers

Independent tests of our seeding complex, conducted by Alberta State Government, Canada, have shown 100% result on achieving the desired seeding norm in comparison with competitors.

Mechanical transmission

Mechanical transmission (for AC215, AC315) of seeding apparatus allows to achieve the seeding norm from 1.5 up to 330kg/hectare without replacement of seeding rollers and for any product.

Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission (for AC280, AC400) of seeding apparatus Zero-Max makes the seeding norm adjustment easy and fast, as well as allows to change the norm during seeding process without leaving the cabin (option).

Polyurethane roller

One polyurethane roller per seeding apparatus provides constant product flow and has long-term service life.

Seeding norm by means of one roller: 1.5 ... 330 kg/hectare

Due to mechanical transmission drive scheme, it is possible to seed even when the electronic system of seeding monitoring is completely failed .

Loading worm

Standard loading worm with 20cm in diameter provides fast loading of seeds and fertilizers into tanks, and the successful funnel design allows more comfortably to load the seeds without spilling them during the worm rotation. Due to convenient worm control system, one person will cope with loading the product into tank.

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