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  • Self-propelled sprayer SX 275
  • Self-propelled sprayer SX 275
  • Self-propelled sprayer SX 275
  • Максимальная производительность в сутки1200 га
  • Мощность двигателя275 л.с.
  • Норма вылива500 л/га
  • Объем основного бака4540 л
  • Расход топлива0.9 л/га
  • Транспортная скорость57 км/ч

Self-propelled sprayer SX 275

Versatile SX 275 self-propelled sprayer is the powerful, reliable and highly efficient machine, in which the increased attention is paid to minimization of mechanisms wear and beam stability in operation for highly precise and uniform introduction of working solutions.

The possible range of solution introduction norm comprises from 5 up to 500 L/hectare. The product introduction norm is set by operator as constant value and maintained automatically independently on the sprayer travel speed.


High power and torque at any rpm!
The 275 h.p. engine is used on Versatile SX275 self-propelled sprayer as the power plant.
The engine is distinguished by high reliability and fuel economy; the fuel consumption comprises 0.6-12 L/hectare.
External fitter – water-separator and two-stage fuel fine filtering system are used for high-quality fuel filtration.


High practicability, reliability, maintenance simplicity and fuel economy without power loss!
The MaxTorque mechanical drive is the advantage of fuel economy due to high efficiency.
Reinforced differential is designed for high torque transfer and maximum effective when operating on soft soil and salt marshes.
The differential has a possibility of locking from cabin by means of a separate hydraulic line.


High efficiency and reliability!
5-gear automatic gearbox allows to develop and maintain the operating speed up to 35km/h, and transporting speed up to 57km/h.
The electronically controlled automatic gearbox is equipped with locking hydraulic transformer, what affects positively on the fuel economy!
The electronic cruise-control is used for providing of smooth and uniform travel. This function is UNIQUE for self-propelled sprayers, and allows maintain easily the set processing speed.
Versatile SX275 takes leading positions in its segment in respect of speed performance!


Durable frame and pneumatic suspension provide stable contact of wheels with soil!
Extremely open frame design makes easier the access to units and aggregates, what simplifies the aggregate maintenance. The axles casings are welded of square profile with cross-section thickness of 12mm, what guarantees reliability and long-term operation of the axles.
The sprayer wheel track can be adjusted hydraulically during the travel.
The gap disk adjusters and Nylatron® axle guides protect the axles from incorrect use and rough metal-to-metal contact. These units do not require lubrication and cleaning, thus reducing the sprayer maintenance time.
The suspension pneumatic system with control of frame position relatively to soil surface is used for effective damping of vibrations at traveling.
The suspension travel comprises 18 inches.


Matchless comfort and convenient control of parameters!
Spacious and comfortable cabin with 360-degree view, simple control of drive, watering and beam position.
High air pressure system inside the cabin and charcoal filter of interior are used for operator’s health protection.
Acoustic barrier and high-quality three-layer window and door seals protect from foreign noises.
Rear glass with angle coverage, large rear-view mirrors, convenient easily readable indications of instruments, sprung operator’s seat with 11 adjustments, 10 front and 4 rear lights.

The control of beam, wheel track and spraying pressure is within the easy reach, what significantly simplifies the accurate spraying!
The arrangement of cabin behind the sprayer front axle guarantees excellent view of front wheels and allows controlling precisely the travel in row-spacing when working on cultivated crops!
The doubled indication of engine operation main values, i.e. modern digital display with expanded characteristics and classical analogous pointer indicators (in the upper console), is applied for the purpose of much convenient control.


The less number of stops for refueling, the higher efficiency!
Solution tank having 4540 L capacity with dampers and flow sprinkler attachments inside is made of stainless steel.
The tank for watering system flushing having capacity of 454 L is integrated into the main tank.
Spring tank attachment


High efficiency is the guarantee of success!
The Hypro centrifugal pump has efficiency up to 802 L/min.
The Viton mechanical seals, shaft and compensating rings of stainless steel provide extension of lifetime.
The pump dive hydraulic motor is equipped with Teflon seal with double edge, thus providing good wear resistance and long-term service life.


For reliable mixing of chemicals
The Hypro external mixer has 20L capacity.
Washer for chemical containers.
Turning bracket provides filling convenience.
Application of modular approach to arrangement of working solution hydraulic lines and standard parts of watering fixtures (valves, fittings, pipelines) provides the highest universality in maintenance.


ProActionFlex is durable, reliable and faultless beam!
The ProAction-Flex beam sets new efficiency standards among analogues. Its highly durable structure consists of strong lattice carcass able to withstand very heavy loads.
The ProAction-Flex beam design allows to tilt and/or fix it along the whole length, holding in parallel the surfaces when keeping the required distance between sprayer tips and surface to be sprayed.
The sprayer beam is the welded structure of steel elements with spaced-apart angular connections. It allows to reduce load on welded joints and improve the structural durability.


Parallelogram beam suspension
The reinforced hydraulic cylinders are power elements.
The distance from rear wheels up to the beam is 1.3m, what excludes the air vortex interference into the quality of spraying.
The beam hydraulic lock


Effective three-stage and 3D vibration damping system!
Central unit (axle) of boom suspension is arranged on the top of the structure, what allows the boom to be in central position like beam scale or pendulum.
The self-leveling effect is pronounced, and additional springs and shock-absorbers guarantee high stability of beam in operation.
The reinforced bearing with extended service life is installed on rotation axle.

The Versatile sprayers are the only sui generis, which are equipped with vertical vibration damping system on the base of Henschen ® rubber-metallic hinge.
The hinges do not require servicing for the whole service life period.
Application of such unique decision allows completely to exclude the beam vibration, and guarantees faultless operation and stability in the beam stabilizing units operation!

The ProAction-Flex beam comprises complex modern three-stage shock-absorbing system controlling the turns in horizontal plane, which minimizing the beam movement forward-backward.
Due to availability of polyurethane springs (rubber vibration dampers) of various rigidity in the vibration damping system, free movements are eliminated, and the “wing flapping” effect is minimized.
As the result, the chemicals are introduced accurately and uniformly, thus providing maximum effect from their application.

Three degrees of freedom from maximum protection!

In order to prevent damaging of tip sections, the tip elements are equipped with articulated hinges, which, when contacting an obstacle, can bend in three directions (forward, backward, and upward) and return automatically into initial position.