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  • Towed sprayer ps850 / PS1200
  • Towed sprayer ps850 / PS1200
  • Towed sprayer ps850 / PS1200
  • Необходимая мощность трактора85 л.с.
  • Норма вылива400 л/га
  • Производительность насоса700 л/мин
  • Расстояние между форсунками50 см
  • Стабилизация штанги HenschenСтабилизация штанги Henschen

Towed sprayer ps850 / PS1200

The VERSATILE towed sprayers are designed for protection of plants and introducing of fertilizers in the form of water solutions. The sprayers are equally effective when applied in technologies of continuous and line coverage.

The fertilizer introduction nor is set by operator and maintained automatically at the required level independently on changing the travel speed. The VERSATILE towed sprayers are able to introduce from 5 up to 500 L/hectare at travel speed up to 15 km/h.


Rigid closed design resistant to bend and twist provides maximum reliability and durability!

  • In order to provide the sprayer reliability, stability and the highest performance, the rigid steel welded frame of cradle type is used. It allows achieving the tank arrangement without additional equipment, and excluding the lateral tank movement.
  • Integrated transporting tow-bar
  • The highest quality of frame welding – semi-automatic in protective environment.
  • The high-quality steel is used in production. The frame service life in not less than 20 years.
  • The operator’s platform with handrails and riffled surface provides convenient access to main filler-neck, and serves as good “station” when working with chemical solutions in tanks (it is possible to install a canister).
  • Due to low center of gravity, the machine possesses good stability when travelling along the field or road. In order to reduce the traction resistance, the most sprayer weight is supported by the tractor hitch.


Wide range of wheel track adjustment provides universality and stability in operation!

  • Rigid reinforced axle of pipe profile with thickness of 12mm.
  • Clearance comprises 85cm.
  • Mechanical adjustment of each semi-axle allows to choose optimal wheel track of the sprayer to work on cultures with various row-spacing.
  • Two bolts of special high-durability steel guarantee reliability of semi-axles fixing.
  • Durable hub provides long-term service life even when operating in adverse conditions.


In order to provide safety during the sprayer transportation, the maximum hook load is provided up to 34 675kg.
Two various type of drawbar eye. The pin (pivot) diameter comprises 25 – 32mm.
Adjustment in height for achieving the better universality.
Safety chain


The plastic tank is reliably protected from damages!

  • The tank is made of low-density PET with smooth inner walls, what allows to avoid deposition of solid particles on the tank walls.
  • The light plastic design allows reducing exposure of UV-sunrays on the mixture, and avoiding thermal decomposition of chemical elements.
  • Drain channel along the tank length, 10cm in depth, provides high-quality and complete mixture feeding to the pump at various inclination angles of the sprayer.
  • The channel ends by water well 10cm in depth, what prevents the pump dry operation.


In accordance with safety requirements of the Russian Federation

  • In order to provide the environment and staff safety when finishing the field works and replacement of chemical agents, it is necessary to perform cleaning and flushing of main tank and pipelines, valves and centrifugal pump of irrigating system. For this purpose, a separate clear water tank with capacity of 164 L is installed on the sprayer frame.
  • In accordance with safety requirements at works with chemicals, a clear water tank with capacity of 56 L is arranged on the sprayer for washing of hands, rinsing of eyes and mouth cavity.


The external chemical mixer is intended for preparation of chemical solutions in field conditions.
The mixer capacity is 20 L.
Washer for chemical containers.
The mixer can be lowered for convenience.


  • The increased attention in VERSATILE sprayers is paid to such elements as consumption regulating system and chemicals feeding system.
  • Convenient access to control post is provided from the both sides. All valves, pressure gage, consumption meter and regulating dozing valve are visible from the tractor cabin.
  • Simple ball valves are used for controlling all the sprayer functions (flushing, mixing, spraying, filling, etc.).
  • The sizes of pipelines and valves are standard, what provides the highest serviceability of watering fixtures.
  • There are field filler-necks with diameter of 50mm on the sprayer.
  • The sprayers are used for filling with clear water, ready solution or chemicals from external source (towed tank) without exiting the processed field.
  • The filler-necks provide rapid and convenient filling of the tanks with solution and clear water.
  • Modular principle of connecting device allows to change easily the type and size of filler-necks.


Pump driven from tractor PTO

High efficiency is the guarantee of success! Simplicity and reliability of the design is the guaranty of stable operation!

  • Spring tension pulley maintains the appropriate belt tension, what minimizes the load on pump bearings.
  • The PTO-driven ACE pump shaft and wear compensator are made of stainless steel for providing of excellent corrosion resistance.
  • The highly efficient pump allows to save fuel operating at lower tractor engine rpm and keeping the sufficient spraying pressure.

Pump driven by hydraulic motor

  • Cast steel casing, silica-ceramics shaft glands, good wera resistance, and long service life.
  • Absence of valve part in the pump makes it less sensible to the cleaning quality of the filled water, what is important in conditions of water intake from natural sources.
  • The pump capacity, when driven by hydraulic motor, comprises up to 700 L/min!

The Raven watering computer is easy in usage. It is enough to set required solution introduction norm by several light pressings on buttons, and the computer will maintain the norm with high accuracy in wide range of speed changes.
There is a possibility to combine operating process with GPS operation, what, in its turn, improves the solution introduction accuracy, speed, efficiency and convenience of work with the sprayer.
The remote control is used for beam controlling.
Reliability, accuracy and simplicity of controlling the Versatile sprayers are distinctive features of control panel.


The beam meets all modern requirements in respect of reliability, and takes leading position in the market due to:

simple design of steel profile reinforced in two dimensions
hydraulic vertical foldin
the beam design protects nozzles and pipelines from damag
the beam is equipped with reliable and durable stabilizing system
fast and accurate self-leveling

  • The beam suspension patented system provides shockless travel of sections and smooth adjustment of beam heights.
  • Parallelogram beam suspension
  • The reinforced hydraulic cylinders are power elements.


Pendulum system of damping the twisting vibrations!

  • Central unit (axle) of boom suspension is arranged on the top of the structure, what allows the boom to be in central position like beam scale or pendulum.
  • The self-leveling effect is pronounced, and additional springs and shock-absorbers guarantee high stability of beam in operation.

Multi-directed hinges provide effective damping of horizontal vibrations!

  • The beam mechanical sections connecting hinges are arranged at various angles relatively to each other.
  • Such arrangement of hinges, together with the beam heavy weight, minimizes the “wing flapping” effect.
Patented decision – Henshen rubber-metallic element!

The Versatile sprayers are the only sui generis, which are equipped with vertical vibration damping system on the base of Henschen ® rubber-metallic hinge.
The hinge does not require servicing for the whole service life period. Henschen hinge completely excludes the beam vibration!

The tip section protection

  • The tip sections are equipped with articulated hinges, which, when contacting an obstacle, can bend backwards-upwards and return automatically into initial position.
  • The shock-absorber application guarantees smooth return to operating position, thus extending the service life of break-protection hinge.
  • The spring does not allow the section to “suspend” in folded position, and provides stability of beam protection.
  • The catcher with adjustable activating force holds reliably the section in operation, thus providing maximum effectiveness.

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