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  • Vertical forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Vertical 800-1200
  • Vertical forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Vertical 800-1200
  • Vertical forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Vertical 800-1200
  • 1 годГарантия
  • Время приготовления30 мин
  • Загрузка корма2.6 т
  • Обслуживаемое поголовье84 гол.
  • Объем8-12 м^3
  • ВесыВесы
  • ПультПульт

Vertical forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Vertical 800-1200

In order to achieve high productivity from livestock, as the source of milk and meat, it must be provided with all required microelements contained in forage mixture. Vertical forage-distributing mixers are designed for this purpose. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed in the forage-distributing mixer, and the ready composition has uniform consistence.
Thus, the animals will not be able to select the tastiest ingredients from the forage, and eat absolutely all forage mixture components, and, consequently, get complete set of nutrition substances. One full load of Cormorant Vertical forage-distributor provides forage for 56 milky cows, what suits for a farm of average size. The mixers with capacity from 8 up to 12m3 are presented for your selection. Thus, you can select a mixer corresponding to your needs.

- Double-speed gearbox
- Hydraulic counter-knife

Quality advantages

Thorough chipping and long-term service life

Cormorant Vertical 800-1200 mixers have cone-shape worm. It makes uniform the chipping process of large-size rolls and bales. At that, the worm is not deformed and bent. It substantially prolongs the service life and increases the reliability of the machine, as well as provides high-quality preparation of forage with 3-4cm fraction, and does not allow the forage to be pressed.

Mixture quality

The cone-type shape of bunker provides uniform forage mixing and high quality of the mixture. Electronic scale allows measure forage components and load required ingredients in specified quantity with accuracy up to 1kg.

Forage preparation effectiveness

Dual-speed gearbox allows faster preparing of the mixture. Forage cutting and mixing is performed at the first rotational gear of the gearbox. Forage unloading is performed at the second rotational gear of the gearbox. Speed shifting is performed strictly when tractor is stopped. In order to get fraction of 6-8cm, 20-25 minutes for machine operation is required, and for fraction of 3-4cm, the operation is 30-35 minutes.

Long-term service life

Special shape of self-sharpen knives guarantees the mixer long-term operation. Application of special steel with anti-corrosion coating when producing the mixer worm and bottom provides durability and reliability of the machine.

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