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  • Horizontal forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Horizontal 1300-1500
  • Horizontal forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Horizontal 1300-1500
  • Horizontal forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Horizontal 1300-1500
  • 1 годГарантия
  • Время приготовления35 мин
  • Загрузка корма5 т
  • Обслуживаемое поголовье110 гол.
  • Объем13-15 м^3
  • ВесыВесы
  • ПультПульт

Horizontal forage-distributing mixer Cormorant Horizontal 1300-1500

In order to achieve high productivity from livestock, it should be provided with all required microelements, which should be contained in forage mixture. CORMORANT HORIZONTAL 1300-1500 horizontal forage-distributing mixers will make the mixture full-fledged, easy the forage preparation and distribution process. The horizontal mixers with capacity of 13 and 15m3 are presented for your selection. The unique central mixing system is used. Unloading of chipped and mixed mass is performed into two sides, and the LH unloading device is of hydraulic type, and the right one – mechanical. Maximum quantity of ingredients comprises 12. Special program allows presetting 6 sequent modes of forage distribution. At that, the one-time loading comprises from 4.8 tons of forage components. The result of application the machine with such incredible multifunctional ability and universality will be fit and strong livestock, and the milk yield increase.

- Dual-side central unloading;
- Parking brakes;
- Hydraulic brakes;
- Pneumatic brakes;
- Electrical remote control (3 options)
- Mechanical remote control (3 options).

Quality advantages

Perfect chipping and mixing

Central mixing system provides fast and uniform chipping and mixing of grass mass or haylage with forming fractions of minimal size due to usage of horizontal worms made of highly durable steel having 15mm in thickness. 184 chipping knives are used in the machine design. Special design of worm threads allows uniform feeding the forage through the unloading opening.

Dozing accuracy

Accuracy of ingredients dozing is guaranteed by G5.1.5 weighing system with three loading cells. Also, there is a possibility of programming 12 various rations.

Application convenience

The control system from the tractor cabin (levers with cable drive) provides operation convenience.

Long-term life of body

The machine body comprises super-strong steel tank with reinforced bottom of 10mm thickness.

Rear bunker

Additional opening on the bunker allows easy loading the grain and additions.

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