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  • Rotary mounted mowers of Strige  2100-2800 series
  • Rotary mounted mowers of Strige  2100-2800 series
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Производительность39 т/ч
  • Скорость вращения роторов2850 об/мин
  • Ротор с изогнутыми ножамиРотор с изогнутыми ножами
  • Самые легкиеСамые легкие
  • Ширина захвата2.1-2.8м

Rotary mounted mowers of Strige 2100-2800 series

Strige series rotational mounted mowers are the easiest in their class. It allows to work them with minimal fuel consumption and pressure on soil, as well as to copy the field relief. At sufficiently high operating speed, reaching 15km/h, the machines ideally mow high-yielder and laid grass, and uniformly lay the cut grass masses into swath.

ZhTT-2.8 Striege series mowers, due to especially designed cutting beam comprising three directing conveyors and field divider, allow to mow the mass with laying it into swath of 1.6m in width. Continuous functioning of Strige will nicely surprise even the most requiring agricultural goods producers. The mowers will diligently perform their work, demonstrating excellent results. At PTO rotational speed of 540 rpm, they are aggregated with tractors of 0.9-1.4 t.s. drawbar category.

Quality advantages

Thanks to special design, the knives throw the mowed mass upwards and backwards along the moving of cutting beam. Thus, when mowing high-yielder grass at high speeds, there are no obstructions in front of it, and the mowed mass is not cut twice. As the result, the straw is made of high quality and the energy expenses are reduced.

Protective care of root system

Due to high rotor speed – 2850 rpm – the mower operates without damaging the roots of the mowed culture. Strige gains the speed of 15km/h, what increases the productivity, renewal of meadows and possibility of good crop during next mowing.

High-quality of mowing without losses and contamination

Uniform pressure on the soil and dynamic copying are provided by three spiral springs of balancing mechanism. The result is stable and uniform cut, and minimal contamination of the mass.

Reliable and continuous operation

Reliable tension device with soft but strong spring which provides effective tension, continuous and smooth operation of belt drive.

Easiness in maintenance

Maintenance of ZhTT-2.1/2.4/2.8 Strige is extremely easy and does not require special tools and equipment. All 5 lubrication points have very easy access.

Minimum time required for aggregation

Convenient and reliable 3-point hitch reduces the time required for aggregation the mower with tractor.

Long-term service life

When hitting the serious obstacles (e.g. hydrants, poles) unseen in grass, the serious protective elements placed on each rotor are saving the cutting beam from critical damages. Due to this, the cutting beam rest elements are prevented from failures. There is no necessity to disassemble and change toothed gears of the cutting beam; it is enough to replace cutting support, and the mower is ready for operation.

Protection from obstacles

When hitting an obstacle, the towing safety device actuates preventing destruction of cutting beam. In order to continue the work, it is required only move back and replace the cutting element.

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