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  • Berkut 3200 towed rotary mower
  • Berkut 3200 towed rotary mower
  • Berkut 3200 towed rotary mower
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Производительность4.5 га/ч
  • Скорость вращения роторов3000 об/мин
  • Ширина захвата3.2 м
  • ПлющилкаПлющилка
  • Поворотный редукторПоворотный редуктор
  • Ротор с изогнутыми ножамиРотор с изогнутыми ножами

Berkut 3200 towed rotary mower

The productive Berkut rotational mounted mower is used even on fields with crop capacity higher than 50 centner/hectare. The operating speed of the machine is gained up to 18km/h, and, at that, thorough mowing of high yield and laid grass is performed, as well as high-quality flattening of mowed mass and laying it into swath.

The mower gladdens by its multifunctional ability: the machine with removed flattener can also be used for mowing grass and laying it into swath. The machine is designed for aggregation with tractors of 1,4 drawbar category and very easy in application. The mower is able to work on the fields with small unevenness, and its deformation is excluded due to special protective mechanisms. Careful treatment of your work is the main principle of Berkut.

Quality advantages
Ideal straw at low expense

Special design of curved knives and a plate provides effective feeding of mowed mass to the flattening shafts, what enables to get the high-quality straw, to reduce harvesting time and tractor’s energy expense.

Reducing of time losses and increasing of productivity

Turning reducer installed on the mover provides excellent maneuverability, reduces turning radius and enables U-turning without PTO deactivation. It substantially reduces time losses and increases productivity.

Intensive flattening

The flattening degree is regulated by adjustment of minimal gap between upper and lower shafts and appropriate spring pressure.

High serviceability

The flattening shafts consist of similar rubber segments with chevron profile. The wear of flattener usually happens in the most loaded area, i.e. the shaft center. It is enough to replace the worn segment with a new one, or transpose the segments, but not the whole shaft.

Long-term service life

The drive of flattening machine is performed by means of four HRA belts providing smooth and silent drive to the flattener shaft. And the completely closed and lubricated chain drive operates longer than open one with any lubrication system.

Exclusion of the machine deformation

Strong structure does not allow deforming the front and side shields at high grass crop capacity.

Operation on flat as well as on uneven fields

On uneven fields with complex relief, the cutting beam bends within the limits of elastic deformation, and, at that, the knives dangerously approach to the flattener. In order not to violate the technological process of harvesting on flat fields and not to cut the flattener by knives, when working on uneven fields, the possibility of cutting beam adjustment relatively to flattening shafts is foreseen.


Reinforced mounting of swath formers increases reliability of the structure.

Adjustable swath

Usage of simple, without tools application, swath-forming wing adjustment provides clean swath of correct shape.

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