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  • Kolibri 350/470 rotary mounted rake
  • Kolibri 350/470 rotary mounted rake
  • Kolibri 350/470 rotary mounted rake
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Производительность5.6 га/ч
  • 4 граблины на штанге4 граблины на штанге
  • Гибкий ножГибкий нож
  • РоторныеРоторные
  • Ширина захвата3.5,4.7м

Kolibri 350/470 rotary mounted rake

Swath-forming is the important and responsible stage of the whole forage-preparation process. Kolibri 470 mounted rotary rake will ideally suit to farms which prepare forage by themselves for domestic needs. Productivity of Kolibri 470 achieves up to 5.4 hectare/hour at coverage width 4.7m.

The rake performs thorough raking the grass into even swaths, light tossing of the mowed mass in swaths, covering, throwing and doubling the straw swaths. Possibility of choosing the swath width allows to adjust for further work of pickup. The rake overcomes obstacles like stones or soil unevenless by means of special tandem-trolley. Kolibri will show the excellent working results with minimal losses.

Quality advantages

Imported closed gearbox guarantees high-quality and long-term operation.

Long-term service life of the machine

Imported closed gearbox guarantees high-quality and long-term operation.

Ability to choose a size of swath

Adjustable reflector forms swath of required width. It provides a possibility to select a swath by aggregates with various width of pickup rake.

Reducing the losses when raking

Availability of tandem-trolley adjusted in height allows to copy the field relief in various planes, and pass the unevenness without losses and “digging” the rakes into soil. Ideal raking without losses and swath contamination with soil is achieved due to very close position of copying carriage wheels to rake pins.

Clean raking

Four doubled rakes on each beam guarantee clean raking and minimal losses. The design provides rapid and convenient rake elements removal during their replacement.

Convenience and safety transportation

Convenience and safety transportation is performed due to installed cassette case for fixing removable rakes and foldable protective arcs. Convenient and reliable three-point hitch allows reducing the aggregation time of the rake with tractor. Maintenance of Kolibri 470 is extremely easy, and does not require special tools and equipment. The machine has only three objects for lubrication.

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