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  • Kolibri Duo 810 double-rotor towed rake
  • Kolibri Duo 810 double-rotor towed rake
  • Kolibri Duo 810 double-rotor towed rake
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Производительность8 га/ч
  • Ширина захвата8 м
  • 4 граблины на штанге4 граблины на штанге
  • Гибкий ножГибкий нож
  • Роторные x2Роторные x2

Kolibri Duo 810 double-rotor towed rake

KOLIBRI DUO 810 double-rotor towed rake are required if you want to get the exemplary forage and avoid even minimal losses. It is used for laying in perfectly even double swaths of mowed high-yield sow and natural grass with humidity not higher than 70% on the fields with flattened relief.

Two rotors provide higher productivity up to 8 hectare/hour, clean raking, fine formed swaths, as well as careful processing of forage mass. At central raking, double throwing of mass and falling of leafs from forage culture is not happen. You will not worry for your harvest with Kolibri Duo 810.

Quality advantages

The highest quality of forage with minimal losses

Imported rotor gearbox give guarantee of long-term high-quality operation of rake. The rotor attachment design allows optimal copying the field relief in lateral and longitudinal directions, and the operating height of raking pins is optimally maintained. This leads to reducing of losses and minimal contamination of forage.

Ideal raking

Clean raking of mass is provided by four doubled rakes installed on each beam.


The drive-up system of rear support wheels gives the machine the high maneuverability, what provides convenience of the rake operation, as well as reduces the work duration.

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