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  • Forage harvester RSM 1403
  • Forage harvester RSM 1403
  • Forage harvester RSM 1403
  • Мощность двигателя450-500 л.с.
  • Рабочие и транспортные скорости15-20 км/ч
  • Длины резки4-17 мм
  • Расход топлива0.7-1 л/т
  • Ширина жатки3-5 м
  • Производительность150-170 т/ч

Forage harvester RSM 1403

The main requirement to materiel performing agricultural works is its maximum efficiency and universality. Rostselmash proposes machines capable to solve such problems excellently. Minimum costs, in-time implementation of the work, high efficiency are the main advantages of RSM harvester.

Processing track

The RSM 1401/03 processing track components shape allows the shredded product to move with minimal direction change, what reduces the energy costs for product transporting. The possibility of installation of roller-type final-shredding device (two rollers rotating with different speed in opposite direction to each other) is envisaged. The standard set includes rock and metal detectors, which are actuated automatically at starting of operation, and prevent getting foreign objects into the forage.

In order to provide stable processing and, consequently, getting of high-quality forage, each sequent operation in the forage harvester should be performed at faster linear speed than the previous one.

Feeding apparatus

RSM 1401/03 harvester is equipped with reliable 4-roller feeding apparatus (with four speeds of mass feeding, i.e. 4-7-10-17 mm).

Distance between front upper and lower rollers in lower position is 24mm, what increases operability of multi-zone metal-detector, which indicated the area where metal is detected. In case of rock or metal detector sensor actuation, the immediate stop of mass feeding into shredding apparatus is occurred. The foreign subject extraction is done by means of hydraulic-mechanical reverse of feeder rollers.

Shredding apparatus

The machine is equipped with shredding apparatus having drum diameter of 630mm and rotational speed of 1200 rpm. This feature minimizes loads on feeding apparatus and increases efficiency at short cutting lengths. The shredding apparatus is equipped with automatic drum knife sharpening device. This device allows to sharpen the knives and adjust the gap between the knives and counter-cutting beam without leaving the operator seat. All these features increase the harvester shift-based efficiency, save fuel and make easier the work of the machine operator.

The energy consumption difference can be up to 30% in case of blunt knives usage!

Shredding apparatus direct drive

It is reliable and time-roved technical decision allowing to transfer the force flow from engine to the shredding apparatus and accelerator blades directly with minimum energy losses.

This decision allows to use the engine power at maximum for the technological process and save the fuel for up to 10%.

Final shredder

The installation of roller-type final shredding device into transporting channel is envisaged. It has two rollers with diameter of 190mm, and 100 teeth on the roller. The rotational speed difference comprises 20%. The gap between rollers is adjusted depending on crop capacity.

As the roller teeth are subjected to high abrasion wear, the cementing technology is applied for their hardening, what provides their high hardness of 60 HRC and high wear-resistance in comparison with competitors who apply HFC-hardening.


YaMZ diesel turbocharged engine with the power of 295 kW or 6L Mercedes engine provide optimal usage of the harvester power and optimization of forage preparation expenses in various operating conditions.

The power plant is equipped with gearbox and clutch. The gearbox serves for driving the GST pumps and service hydraulic system. The clutch application allows to transfer the power to working elements drive (drum, accelerator, and final shredder) from the engine crankshaft directly without wedge-belt gears with continuous tension.


RSM 1401/03 is equipped with Comfort Cab, which completely meets the modern ergonomics requirements. The standard set includes air conditioner, heater, cooler, sun blind and audio preparation. The harvester main controls are arranged on the control panel from the RH side of the operator. Excellent all-around looking is provided from the operator station.

Steering column and driver seat can be adjusted for anatomic features of the operator. Рулевая. Anatomically adjusted control joystick with operative control buttons. For the operator convenience, the Adviser system automatically displays those parameters, which are actual for implementation of the current task. In one word, all conditions for continuous and efficient work are created.



When preparing the silage, two parameters are very important: mass humidity and uniform distribution of preserving agent in the silage. Advanced preserving agent embedding system, which is installed on RSM 1401/03 forage harvester, allows to solve the both tasks simultaneously and effectively. The system provides embedding of bacteria concentrates in the form of mist by means of pneumatic nozzle-sprayer without additional water volumes.

Two 5L capacities provide continuous operation during 10 hours each.


The video control system allows to control the vehicle tank without distracting from working area. Application of this system allows to:

– reduce the operator fatigability
– increase the harvesting speed
– reduce the losses when filling the vehicle tank


Automatic central lubricating system is another more system allowing to make easier the operator’s work.

The system independently and gradually supplies the lubricants to interacting surfaces in a specified period of time. The system completely excludes the human factor, because it continues the operation even the engine is shut down. It stores in memory the time period when the lubrication should be done in the beginning of the operation. The system uses LITOL-24 grease. The system grease reserve is enough for 500 operating hours or one season.


It consists of 100L receiver, compressor maintaining the pressure from 4 up to 8 bar automatically, convenient pneumatic tools and quick-release connection clutches, which make the operator’s work much easier. The air reserve in the system is enough for 5 minute when the engine is shut down, what is rather enough for scheduled maintenance works implementation.


The RSM series harvesters are real universal machines: mowing and shredding of silage cultures with simultaneous vehicles loading with silage, permanent and annual grasses and mixtures, sorghum, sunflower and other rough-stem cultures, pickup of dried mass from swaths. The set of highly efficient adapters, such as grass and corn reapers, pickup attachment, allows the harvester to solve any tasks.


The reaper with unsupported cutting apparatus of continuous cutting is designed for harvesting of corn, sorghum, sunflower and other rough-stem cultures. It is aggregated with DON 680М and RSM 1401/1403/1701 harvesters, and has the coverage width of 4.5m. The drive gearbox, which increases the transferred torque and makes easier the aggregation, is included in the set with RSM 1401/1403/1701 harvesters.


The reaper with segment-pin cutting apparatus is designed for mowing the thin-stem cultures and direct preparation of grain-haylage. The reaper with hinge-balanced part is intended for longitudinal-lateral soil relief copying. The cutting height adjustment is performed by shoes. There are three adjustable cutting heights of 50, 100, and 150 mm depending on the harvesting time. The coverage width comprises 5.0 m.


It is used for preparation of the haylage of the previously cutted and windrowed grass (equipped by the drum-rake with mass stream narrowing) with the operating width 3 meters.

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