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  • Forage harvester DON 680M
  • Forage harvester DON 680M
  • Forage harvester DON 680M
  • Мощность двигателя290 л.с.
  • Рабочие и транспортные скорости10-20 км/ч
  • Длины резки3.5-20 мм
  • Расход топлива430 г/т
  • Ширина жатки3-5 м
  • Производительность108 т/ч

Forage harvester DON 680M

The harvester is intended for average and small stockbreeding farm with pack up to 500 heads or large stockbreeding farm, which use such class machines for daily feeding.
Technological tract

The technological tract components shape on Don-680M harvester allows the shredded product to move with minimally changed movement direction, what reduces energy costs for the product transportation.

Final-shredding device of rotor type included into standard set is envisaged for installation into transporting channel.

For the purpose of providing the stable technological process and, as the result, getting of excellent forage, each further operation in the forage harvester should run with higher line speed, than the previous one.

Shredding drum

The shredding drum of Don-680M forage harvester has V-installed knives providing continuous cut of forage mass, because of the one of such knives is always in gearing with counter-cutting plate.

Unloading accelerator

Application of the accelerator in the harvester unloading device provides unloading of shredded mass at a high speed, what allows compacting the silage mass when loading a vehicle. Therefore, the large loading of vehicles in tonnage is achieved.

Final shredder

DON 680M basic set includes the final shredder of corn seeds – necessary condition for high-quality corn silage. Its purpose is to shred the corn seed shell. Such forage contains more nutrients and higher in respect of energy value.

Silage line visor extension

The extension of silage line visor included into Don-680M standard set gives a possibility of unloading into a vehicle deck with low sides in windy weather without losses of forage mass.


DON 680М is equipped with Comfort Cab which completely meets modern ergonomics requirements. The standard cabin set incorporates air-conditioner, heater, cooler and audio-preparation. The harvester main controls are arranged on the operator’s RH control panel. Excellent round view is provided from the operator’s station. Steering column and driver’s seat are adjusted for the operator’s anatomical characteristics. Anatomically calibrated control joystick with control buttons. Informational panel with control system. In one word, the conditions for continuous and efficient operation are made.


DON 680М harvester is equipped with 8-cylinder turbocharged engine with integrated heat exchanger. Compact V-type engine cylinders position allowed to arrange it laterally.

This and optimal scheme from the point of view of energy transfer to the harvester working components. Power in outputted directly from the engine “tip”, what much simplifies the power plant design.

All these aspects allowed achieving low fuel consumption, i.e. 430g per a ton of silage. The fuel tank capacity is enough for 11 hours of operation, what is rather enough.


KEMPER 445 Rotary Corn Header

The reaper with support-free cutting apparatus of complete cut for harvesting corn, sorghum, sunflower and other rough-stem cultures is aggregated with DON 680М and RSM 1401/1403/1701 harvesters, the operating coverage width is 4.5m. A special set for DON 680М is designed for reaper folding into transporting position.

MH 400R Maize Header

The reaper with support-free cutting apparatus of complete cut for harvesting corn, sorghum, sunflower and other rough-stem cultures is aggregated with DON 680М reaper, the operating coverage width is 4.0m. Minimal preset cutting height is 170 mm.

GH 500R grass reaper

The reaper with segment-pin cutting apparatus is designed for mowing thin-stem cultures and preparation of grain-hay mass by the direct way. It has a hinge-type balanced part for longitudinal-lateral soil relief copying. The cutting height is adjusted by shoes. There are three preset cutting heights: 50, 100, and 150 mm, depending on mowing time. The operating coverage width is 5.0m.


PF 300 swath pickup

It is used for haylage preparation and provides pickup of mowed grass and lay it in swaths (drum-rake type with mass stream narrowing), and has the coverage width of 3.0m. The capacity is 17kg/s. It is included into the harvester standard set.

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