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  • Grass Header 600 rotary mounted reaper
  • Grass Header 600 rotary mounted reaper
  • Grass Header 600 rotary mounted reaper
  • 2 годаГарантия
  • Производительность90 т/ч
  • Скорость вращения3000 об/мин
  • Ширина захвата6 м
  • Копирование рельефаКопирование рельефа
  • Ротор с изогнутыми ножамиРотор с изогнутыми ножами

Grass Header 600 rotary mounted reaper

The rotary reaper aggregated with RSM-1401 and RSM-1701 forage harvesters, and their modifications, is designed for mowing of sowed and natural grass used in stockbreeding as forage.

Due to rotors high rpm – 3000 rpm – the reaper moves with a speed of up to 15km/h without damaging roots of the mowed culture, what increases efficiency and probability of good crop at next mowing. The reaper is used in all areas of plain agriculture on the fields with flattened relief.

Quality advantages

High-speed operation

Special design of cutting beam rotor plates and bent knives provides fast and effective withdrawal of mowed mass from the cut area. It allows to save the consumed power and operate at high speeds.

Each rotor is protected from overloads

When hitting the serious obstacles (e.g. hydrants, poles) unseen in grass, the serious protective elements placed on each rotor are saving the cutting beam from critical damages. Due to this, the cutting beam rest elements are prevented from failures. There is no necessity to disassemble and change toothed gears of the cutting beam; it is enough to replace cutting support, and the mower is ready for operation.

Stable soil relief copying

Uniform pressure on soil is provided by special balancing mechanism, what allows copying the surface smoothly without jerking. Therefore, the reaper deformation is avoided on uneven fields, and long-term service life is provided.

Exemplary quality of straw

Thanks to special design, the knives throw the mowed mass upwards and backwards along the moving of cutting beam. Thus, when mowing high-yielder grass at high speeds, there are no obstructions in front of it, and the mowed mass is not cut twice, and the straw is of high quality.

Easy maintenance

Easy and simple access to the cutting beam is provided due to possibility of lifting the reaper front shields, what significantly reduces maintenance time, and does not require to use special equipment or tools.

Reliable operation in extreme situations

Safety clutch installed on propeller shaft provides reliable protection in case of peak loads.

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