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  • Cheege 184 boundary road mower
  • Cheege 184 boundary road mower
  • Cheege 184 boundary road mower
  • Молотковые ножиМолотковые ножи
  • Скорость вращения BOM1000 об/мин
  • Скорость вращения ротора2100 об/мин
  • Угол работы-45+90
  • Ширина захвата1.8 м

Cheege 184 boundary road mower

Cheege 184 boundary road mower for road mowing is an unique machine having no analogs in Russia. It is intended for mowing the grass and bushes at the roadsises, open sites and boundary lines, as well as at stadiums, airdromes, etc. Cheege 184 boundary road mower for road mowing has wide capabilities, and it can cut bush branches having 35mm length, as well as it can be operated in horizontal and vertical planes.

The large coverageallows the mower to mowe the field edges excellently, as well as to work on grassy agricultural fields. Protective mechanisms prevent the machine from failures and damages. The excellent quality of mowing is provided by ability to copy the surface.

Quality advantages


The powerful hammer knives provide ability to cut the bushes having diameter of up to 35mm. It widens the machine applicability.

Safety of operation

The metal reflectors are designed to pass the mass only inside, excluding the discharging of granular particles from the cutting area. Special roll located behind the mower does not allow flying the mass backwards.

Time saving

The comfortable 3-point hitch of high reliability minimizes the time spent for aggregation.


Due to special kinemarics of the turning mechanism, the mower can be oprated at the nagle of -45˚ up to 90˚, what wides the range of it’s application.

Service life reliability

Due to usage of multiplicator and a propeller shaft made in Europe, the mower reliability increases. Wedgebar belt drive with reliable belt transfers the torque to the rotor with knives.

Reliability and operation without failures

The mower is equipped with cutting mechanism installed on the turning device. It prevents destructions and increases the machine’s reliability considerably. Turning head mechanisms are made of 40X alloyed steel, and, thanks to it, the mower easily withstands the high loads.

Wide application range

The parallelogram mounting allows performing works in horizontal plane. In this way, the maneuverability when meeting an obstacle is increased. The operation is possible in narrow space, where the mower can be operated not overlapping the tractor dimensions.

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