• Rotary rakes Kolibri Rotary rakes Kolibri

    Swath-forming is the important and responsible stage of the whole forage preparation process. Rotary rakes Kolibri will be ideal for farms that prepare forage by themselves for domestic needs. Efficiency of Kolibri 4,7 m achieves up to 5.6 hectare/hour at grasp width of 4.7m. The rake performs thorough raking of grass from wide swaths into even rolls, light tossing of the mowed mass in swaths, covering, throwing and doubling hay swaths.Possibility of choosing the swath width allows to adjust the machine for further operation of baler.

  • Dual-rotary rakes Kolibri Duo Dual-rotary rakes Kolibri Duo

    Dual-rotary rakes Kolibri Duo are required, if you want to obtain exemplary forage and avoid losses, even minimum ones They are used for laying in perfectly even double swaths of mowed high-yield sow and natural grass with humidity not less than 70%.Two rotors provide higher efficiency up to 8 hectare/hour, clean raking, fine formed swaths, as well as careful processing of forage mass. Dual-rotary rakes KOLIBRI DUO can help save time significantly - the machine construction allows to perform almost instant switching from operation position to the transport position and back. With Kolibri Duo You will not worry about your harvest.

  • Carted rake Kolibri V Carted rake Kolibri V
    "Kolibri V" carted rake is very reliable and simple in operation. It can be used in all areas of plain agriculture for highcrop sowed and natural hay-mowing harvesting. Distinctive feature of carted rake is multifunction ability. It can perform several kinds of field operations: raking the mass from wide swath into roll, wrapping the swaths, shaking the mass in swath.Option: additional central wheel.