• Baler Tukan Baler Tukan
    One always wants to save collected grass mass fresh and nutritious. Baler Tukan is designed for this purpose: it picks up hay rollers of natural and sieved grass or straw, presses grass mass into rectangular bales and winds them with string. All steps of the work of machine are extremely efficient: picking up, pressing, discharge of bales. “Economy” is the key word at functioning of the press-pickup. Economy of time, labor expenditures, energy resources. Baler will not let you down even at the moments of hitting of foreign objects into mechanism- protection systems will reliably work out. The machine is used everywhere excluding mountainous regions. Even light corns of plants will be suitable for bale forming- special system of density regulation is installed in the machine.
  • Roll baler Pelikan Roll baler Pelikan

    Advanced opportunities of roll baler Pelikan will be to liking of all agricultural producers. It is meant for picking up of rollers of hay, natural or sieved grass ot straw, pressing them into rollers with further winding by string. Harvesting of hay with high dampness is also possible for additional fertilizing provision. Even degree of pressing supports long storage of forage. This criterion is one of the most important at choice of roll baler. Using Pelikan you obtain ideal regular rolls which do not go to pieces and settle.Quick discharge of ready rolls, efficient lifting of pressing chamber will help to reduce time of work. Easiness of control and supervision of work let not to worry about the course of process.

  • Trailer for transportation of rolls self loading TPR Trailer for transportation of rolls self loading TPR
    Trailer for transportation of rolls self loading is the best way of careful harvesting of your yield. Accurate picking up and loading of rolls is performed by pitchfork capture, which with the help of hydraulic cylinder lifts a roll to the platform. Then front wall removes the roll back. Discharge is effected in the way of shift of rolls by the front wall through the back hydraulically opened board. Rolls easily slide along the directives saving form and integrity.Capacity of the trailer is 16-14 rolls with diameter 1,2-1,5 m. Period of loading of one roll is 25-30 seconds. The machine will be working very long as jack ladder is located in closed recess, that fully excludes contact of chain with a roll and damage of threads.