Adapters to self-propelled windrow

  • Rotary mower frontal KRF-350 Rotary mower frontal KRF-350
    Reliable rotary mower frontal KRF-350 in aggregate with power vehicle is intended foe work in the fields with yield more than cwt/Ha. It evenly mows high-yield and layered grass. The highest quality of forage will be the result of its work due to high productive conditioner, which softly fluffs mowed mass. Delicate lamination is effected with the help of regulated flatter rollers, which make drying of the mass even and quick. The last level of functioning of the machine is stowage of the mass into roller. And here also the machine shows excellent results- the roller is aery and plane. One is only to gather it by press-collector. The mower is used with power vehicle Rostselmash ES-1 in all zones of lowland agriculture, in the fields with leveled relief, with the descent of field not more than 8°.
  • Chopping mower mounted KIN-2.7 Chopping mower mounted KIN-2.7
    The mower easily copes with mowing of green sieved and natural grass, grass mixtures, dairy corn and milky-wax ripeness (excluding corn of ridge cultivation) and other crops with height not more than 200 cm, their thorough chopping and loading to a vehicle. Obtained grass mass is used as nourishing forage for cattle. Mower is multifunctional- it can also fertilize soil- in this case the machine works in the regime “mowing, chopping and spreading” about a field of stubbly rest of corn, sunflower, sorgho and other crops. Mower is designed to the operate at flat fields with inclination not more than 80.Jet Stream 270 mower-shredder together with universal self-propelled mower easily copes with mowing of green sowed and natural grass, grass mixtures, corn of milky and milky-wax ripeness (except of comb-cultivated corn) and other cultures not more than 200 cm in height, their thorough shredding and loading into a vehicle. The grass mass is used as nutritious forage for livestock. The mower is multifunctional, i.e. it can fertilize the soil. In this case, the machine operates in mode of “mowing, shredding and throwing” the stubble remains of corn, sunflower, sorghum and other cultures.