Forage-harvesting machines

  • Rotary mower Strige Rotary mower Strige

    Strige series mowers are the most lightweight in their class. Due to this aspect, machines Strige 2100/2400/2800 provide minimal fuel consumption and pressure on soil, as well as excellent copying of the field relief. At sufficiently high operating speed, reaching 15km/h, the machines ideally mow high-yielder and laid grass, and uniformly lay the cut grass masses into swath. «Strige 2800»-series mowers due to specially designed cutterbar, that includes three guiding conveyors and field divider, allow to mow mass and lay into even roller widths up to 1.6 m. Continuous functioning of Strige will nicely surprise even the most exacting agricultural goods producers. The mowers will diligently perform their work, demonstrating excellent results. At PTO rotational speed of 540 rpm, they are aggregated with tractors of 0.9-1.4 t.s. drawbar category.Option: cutting discs cutting discs with three knives (only for Strige-2.4).

  • Rotary mower with conditioner SapSun Rotary mower with conditioner SapSun

    SapSun rotary mower with conditioner will help to achieve the quality standard of hay. It is designed for operation with high-yielder and laid grass. At high forward speeds of 9-15km/h, the machine performs clean mowing, without any problem fluffs and lays the mass into uniform roll. Multifunctional ability of the mower will please the most exacting customers: the machine can also be used for mowing grass and laying it into swath. Such ability appears when working with removed conditioner. The mower provides care of the future crop. And for this purpose, the rotor speed gains 2850 rpm during operation, that not only provides clean cut, but also protects the upper soil layers and grass roots. Option: cutting discs with three blades.

  • Trailed disc mower with roller conditioner Berkut Trailed disc mower with roller conditioner Berkut

    The productive Berkut trailed disc mower is used even on fields with crop capacity higher than 50 centner/hectare. The operating speed of the machine is increased up to 18km/h, and, at that, thorough mowing of high yield and laid grass is performed, as well as high-quality flattening of mowed mass and laying it into roll. The mower pleases with its multifunctional ability: the machine with removed roller conditioner can also be used for mowing grass and laying it into swath. The machine is designed for aggregation with tractors of 1,4 drawbar category and very easy in application. The mower is able to work on the fields with small unevenness, and its deformation is excluded due to special protective mechanisms. Careful approach to your work is the main principle of Berkut.The mower with dismounted conditioner (Berkut Uno) can be used for grass mowing and laying it into a wide swath.The mower is used in all areas of plain land, mainly in the fields with lined surface. An important aspect is that it is not intended for use on stony ground.

  • Trailer forage harvester Sterh Trailer forage harvester Sterh

    Trailer forage harvester Sterh is designed with consideration of the last technologies. Its multifunctional ability will pleasantly surprise the most requiring agricultural specialists: it not only mows and lays into swath the grass, tops of sugar beet and potato, but also chips, finishes and performs loading of the product into vehicle. The product loading can be performed into near moving vehicle, as well as backwards into trailer, what is very convenient. The harvester productivity achieves 38 t/h, which is incredible result with almost complete lack of losses. The result is the exemplary forage. The working elements of the machine are made of metal of high quality, therefore they will serve within the long period of time.

  • Straw shredder Kiwi Straw shredder Kiwi

    Straw shredder Kiwi Straw shredder Kiwi 2000 is multifunctional: it performs picking up the straw rolls after any grain harvester, double shredding of straw and throwing it on the field. The shredder is designed considering the fact that the straw ploughed into soil is organic fertilizer, which increases fertility and provides assistance in the development of useful soil microflora. Among the advantages over the shredders integrated into harvester is not only more economic fuel consumption, but also significantly increased, in comparison with harvesters, straw spreading width – up to 6m. The machine is used in all soil-climatic zones, where the grain harvesters operate. Kiwi 2000 is interesting due to its ability to be reequipped into tractor-drawn grain harvester.

  • Rotary rakes Kolibri Rotary rakes Kolibri

    Swath-forming is the important and responsible stage of the whole forage preparation process. Rotary rakes Kolibri will be ideal for farms that prepare forage by themselves for domestic needs. Efficiency of Kolibri 4,7 m achieves up to 5.6 hectare/hour at grasp width of 4.7m. The rake performs thorough raking of grass from wide swaths into even rolls, light tossing of the mowed mass in swaths, covering, throwing and doubling hay swaths.Possibility of choosing the swath width allows to adjust the machine for further operation of baler.

  • Dual-rotary rakes Kolibri Duo Dual-rotary rakes Kolibri Duo

    Dual-rotary rakes Kolibri Duo are required, if you want to obtain exemplary forage and avoid losses, even minimum ones They are used for laying in perfectly even double swaths of mowed high-yield sow and natural grass with humidity not less than 70%.Two rotors provide higher efficiency up to 8 hectare/hour, clean raking, fine formed swaths, as well as careful processing of forage mass. Dual-rotary rakes KOLIBRI DUO can help save time significantly - the machine construction allows to perform almost instant switching from operation position to the transport position and back. With Kolibri Duo You will not worry about your harvest.

  • Carted rake Kolibri V Carted rake Kolibri V
    "Kolibri V" carted rake is very reliable and simple in operation. It can be used in all areas of plain agriculture for highcrop sowed and natural hay-mowing harvesting. Distinctive feature of carted rake is multifunction ability. It can perform several kinds of field operations: raking the mass from wide swath into roll, wrapping the swaths, shaking the mass in swath.Option: additional central wheel.
  • Baler Tukan Baler Tukan
    One always wants to save collected grass mass fresh and nutritious. Baler Tukan is designed for this purpose: it picks up hay rollers of natural and sieved grass or straw, presses grass mass into rectangular bales and winds them with string. All steps of the work of machine are extremely efficient: picking up, pressing, discharge of bales. “Economy” is the key word at functioning of the press-pickup. Economy of time, labor expenditures, energy resources. Baler will not let you down even at the moments of hitting of foreign objects into mechanism- protection systems will reliably work out. The machine is used everywhere excluding mountainous regions. Even light corns of plants will be suitable for bale forming- special system of density regulation is installed in the machine.
  • Roll baler Pelikan Roll baler Pelikan

    Advanced opportunities of roll baler Pelikan will be to liking of all agricultural producers. It is meant for picking up of rollers of hay, natural or sieved grass ot straw, pressing them into rollers with further winding by string. Harvesting of hay with high dampness is also possible for additional fertilizing provision. Even degree of pressing supports long storage of forage. This criterion is one of the most important at choice of roll baler. Using Pelikan you obtain ideal regular rolls which do not go to pieces and settle.Quick discharge of ready rolls, efficient lifting of pressing chamber will help to reduce time of work. Easiness of control and supervision of work let not to worry about the course of process.

  • Trailer for transportation of rolls self loading TPR Trailer for transportation of rolls self loading TPR
    Trailer for transportation of rolls self loading is the best way of careful harvesting of your yield. Accurate picking up and loading of rolls is performed by pitchfork capture, which with the help of hydraulic cylinder lifts a roll to the platform. Then front wall removes the roll back. Discharge is effected in the way of shift of rolls by the front wall through the back hydraulically opened board. Rolls easily slide along the directives saving form and integrity.Capacity of the trailer is 16-14 rolls with diameter 1,2-1,5 m. Period of loading of one roll is 25-30 seconds. The machine will be working very long as jack ladder is located in closed recess, that fully excludes contact of chain with a roll and damage of threads.
  • Platform-up for forage harvesting combine Don-680 RSM-100.72 Platform-up for forage harvesting combine Don-680 RSM-100.72
    Mounted platform-up will become the best solution for picking up of rollers of slightly dried sieved and natural grass at already possessed forage harvesting combine ”Don-680”. Press-up can be used in all soil-climatic zones with mild climate. Clean collecting of mass, high productivity and protection system from damage will please any agricultural producer. Productive work during long years is guaranteed.
  • Rotary mower frontal KRF-350 Rotary mower frontal KRF-350
    Reliable rotary mower frontal KRF-350 in aggregate with power vehicle is intended foe work in the fields with yield more than cwt/Ha. It evenly mows high-yield and layered grass. The highest quality of forage will be the result of its work due to high productive conditioner, which softly fluffs mowed mass. Delicate lamination is effected with the help of regulated flatter rollers, which make drying of the mass even and quick. The last level of functioning of the machine is stowage of the mass into roller. And here also the machine shows excellent results- the roller is aery and plane. One is only to gather it by press-collector. The mower is used with power vehicle Rostselmash ES-1 in all zones of lowland agriculture, in the fields with leveled relief, with the descent of field not more than 8°.
  • Chopping mower mounted KIN-2.7 Chopping mower mounted KIN-2.7
    The mower easily copes with mowing of green sieved and natural grass, grass mixtures, dairy corn and milky-wax ripeness (excluding corn of ridge cultivation) and other crops with height not more than 200 cm, their thorough chopping and loading to a vehicle. Obtained grass mass is used as nourishing forage for cattle. Mower is multifunctional- it can also fertilize soil- in this case the machine works in the regime “mowing, chopping and spreading” about a field of stubbly rest of corn, sunflower, sorgho and other crops. Mower is designed to the operate at flat fields with inclination not more than 80.Jet Stream 270 mower-shredder together with universal self-propelled mower easily copes with mowing of green sowed and natural grass, grass mixtures, corn of milky and milky-wax ripeness (except of comb-cultivated corn) and other cultures not more than 200 cm in height, their thorough shredding and loading into a vehicle. The grass mass is used as nutritious forage for livestock. The mower is multifunctional, i.e. it can fertilize the soil. In this case, the machine operates in mode of “mowing, shredding and throwing” the stubble remains of corn, sunflower, sorghum and other cultures.