Municipal machines

  • Cheege 184 boundary road mower Cheege 184 boundary road mower
    Cheege 184 boundary road mower for road mowing is an unique machine having no analogs in Russia. It is intended for mowing the grass and bushes at the roadsises, open sites and boundary lines, as well as at stadiums, airdromes, etc. Cheege 184 boundary road mower for road mowing has wide capabilities, and it can cut bush branches having 35mm length, as well as it can be operated in horizontal and vertical planes. The large coverageallows the mower to mowe the field edges excellently, as well as to work on grassy agricultural fields. Protective mechanisms prevent the machine from failures and damages. The excellent quality of mowing is provided by ability to copy the surface.
  • Loader-cocklifter-hay-stacker PKS-1.6 Loader-cocklifter-hay-stacker PKS-1.6

    Loader PKS-1,6 is multifunctional: storage of straw and hay, loading of bulk, silage, rolls, manure removal- it fulfills easily these all tasks. PKS-1.6 has simple and reliable construction. It is the universal hydraulic loader, that may be unitized with tractor MTZ-80. This machine is widely used in different branches of agriculture: animal husbandry, olericulture, crop and so on. It is also used during performance of construction and installation and communal works. The simplest control gives comfort and convenience in the process of work.

  • Front loader front mounted PFN-3,0 Front loader front mounted PFN-3,0

    PFN-3,0 will help to perform such works as loading of different agricultural cargoes (manure, mineral fertilizers, sand and so on) into vehicles, mixing plants and machines for fertilization, mechanization of works inside of warehouse with packed and non-packed mineral fertilizers and other cargoes, loading and stacking of rolls. The range of machine opportunities is very wide due to the set of changeable adapters. Effectiveness of functioning does not raise doubts due to high productivity of PFN-3.0. Convenient control and points of service liquidate the extra loss of time. It is unitized with tractors of foreign and domestic production of class 130...275 l.c. The loader may be used in all soil-climatic zones.

  • Frontal loader universal Fenix Frontal loader universal Fenix

    Reliable and durable front-end loader Fenix 800 is designed for loading such loads as snow, crushed stone, sand, straw, silage, manure, mineral fertilizers, etc., as well as for transportation and stacking the straw round-bales and mows. FENIX 800 loader is multifunctional and universal. The scope of its abilities is wide thanks to its adapters, such as buckets, pitchfork grid, load-lifting device, pitchfork claw. There is a possibility to aggregate it with a line of tractors. The machine has incredible reliability and wear resistance. Simple control system allows working easily and effectively.

  • Municipal snow plough OKS-2500 Municipal snow plough OKS-2500

    Municipal snow plough OKS-2500 is intended to clean the roadway of streets, squares, roads and paved sidewalks. It can be used to clean the grain barn floors and livestock farms. It has the ability to be hinged together with a front-end loader Fenix. Working width of municipal snow plough is 2.5 m, the angle of rotation is up to 35 degrees.