Corn header Argus

  • Corn harvesters reequipment set PDK–8, PDK–10 Corn harvesters reequipment set PDK–8, PDK–10

    Many agricultural goods manufacturers will like the expanded abilities of the harvesters. In case of use the reequipping set for harvesters, the operating costs are considerably reduced, and the effective harvesting of cereals is provided.High quality of mechanisms operation is achieved due to components manufactured under European standards.

  • Argus-1270 Argus-1270

    A series of highly productive 4- 6- 8- 12-row header ARGUS is designed for harvesting of technical maturity corn for food and fodder grain. Careful attitude to crop - the main operating principle of corn headers ARGUS. Corn headers in tandem with a highly productive self-propelled grain harvesting combine show excellent results. Convenient operation allows to work without hassle and special arrangements of preventing overloads ensure reliable exploitation. It is aggregated with all types of combine harvesters, including harvesters Niva.