Agrochemistry and seeds

Agrochemistry and seeds department is one of the division of Oktyabrskoe Group, working since 2007.

Main activities are sales of mineral fertilizers (liquid and granular), effective crop protection agents and crop seeds as well as rendering services of storage, delivery and consulting.

We are one of the largest distributors of fertilizers, crop protection agents and seeds. Our client base has over 1000 counterparties in Tambov, Lipetsk, Ryazan, Saratov and Voronezh regions.

Sales performance:
  • Annual mineral fertilizers sales volume is over 100 000 tons
  • Annual overall sales of crop protection agents is above 1 billion rubles
  • Seeds sales volume exceeds 40 000 seed unites a year
Always available:
  • More than 200 crop protection agents products
  • Over 20 mineral fertilizer products
  • Over 100 varieties of corn, sunflower and sugar beet hybrids.

We offer farmers:

We sell nitrogen, phosphorous, potash and NPK-compound (combined of several elements) fertilizers, which boost yield and improve quality of crops.

Liquid complex fertilizers and UAN are available. Root fertilizing application increases their effectiveness by more than 15%.

Our company is an official distributor of the largest mineral fertilizer producers in Russia - EuroChem MMC JSC (since 2009) and Uralkali OJSC.

We also cooperate with other big fertilizer producers: Phosagro LLC, KuibyshevAzot OJSC, Acron Group, Rossosh Minudobreniya, Uralchem JSC. All products are certified.

Our products' advantages:

  • Universal applicability. We offer mineral fertilizers applicable to any soils and crops.
  • Ecological compatibility. Fertilizers contain big amount of nutrients, which boost yield quality.
  • Good compatibility with other fertilizers. If necessary (after consulting with experts) it is possible to apply several types of fertilizers simultaneously to gain a more effective result.

We are an official distributor of the world leaders of crop protection agents production such as Syngenta, DuPont, BASF, and Bayer CropScience.

All crop protection agents are certified. Their application boosts yield and improve crops quality.

Products are stored at heating warehouses with area of 2 500 sq. m, which located on the territory of our company.

We sell crop protection agents of the following types:

  • Protectants (agrochemicals). Special products against plants and seeds diseases, plant pests, fungus, bacteria and other unfavorable factors.
  • Herbicides. Agents, protecting crops against weeds.
  • Fungicides. Agents are used to protect crops and vegetables against different diseases.
  • Insecticides. Chemical products, which are used to protect crops against pests (insects, larvae and etc.)
  • Growth regulators. Agents that stimulate or suppress plant growth without yield losses.

Over 1000 companies in Tambov, Lipetsk and other regions are our customers of crop seeds, and we constantly expand our client base.

We are an official distributor of the known worldwide seed producers such as Syngenta, DuPont, Pioneer, Maisadour and Semences.

We also cooperate with such companies as Kuban Agro-Holding, Limagrain, Monsanto and etc.

We sell high quality certified seeds of reliable vendors. All seeds are stored in warehouses, which meet necessary temperature requirements.

The right choice of crops varieties and hybrids will allow:

  • to get consistently a good harvest;
  • to improve the quality of cultivated products;
  • to reduce costs for planting and harvesting.

In our company you can order additional services such as:

Product delivery

We are ready to deliver fertilizers, crop protection agents and seeds to any address, using rail or car transport.

We have dangerous cargo permit (which is 70% of total turnover). We will safely deliver products to your destination.


We place seeds, crop protection agents and fertilizers at secure facilities located on the territory of our company.

Warehousing capacity is 30 thousand tons.

In addition, we have a special tank farm to keep over 5 000 tons of liquid fertilizers.

The use of our warehouses is a very convenient way of storing products for farmers without their own secure facilities.


We render following consulting services:

  • Recommendations on cropping;
  • Plant diagnostics and phytosanitary inspection of crops;
  • Yields forecasting and planning;
  • Planning of the season fertilizers application;
  • Preparing of crop protection schemes;
  • Consulting on the use of agrochemicals.
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The company's activities went beyond the Tambov region. Opening new offices in other Central Black Earth regions, we strive to be closer to our clients.
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