Farming company

15 years of successful business for the development of crop farming in Tambov region.

Farming company is one of the four divisions of Oktybrskoe Group, founded in 2011. The main line of activity is corn, oil, vegetable and beans growing.

Today total acres of the farming company is about 6 500 ha, and the land bank is added to every yeary. Annual gross output of the cultivated crops is about 50 thousand tons.

The efficiency of the farming company is achieved through:
  • the use of adaptive patterns of crops cultivation;
  • the planting of high-quality seeds;
  • the application of liquid mineral fertilizers;
  • the application of original crop protection agents;
  • the equipment of techniques with high performance index.
The main figures of our work

Crop rotation of the Oktyabrskaya Farming Company:


Crop acres

Gross output


from 1 500 to 2 000 ha

5 557 t


1 000 ha

3834 t


from 1 300 to 2 000 ha

11 639 t

Sugar beet

up to 1 000 ha

19 015 t


from 500 to 700

2 268 t

Yield index for the last 3 years:

45-50 dt/ha - of crops;

120-130 dt/ha - of corn;

32 dt/ha - of oil crops;

450 dt/ha - of sugar beet.

The search for the better solutions

The demo presentations are conducted on the specially designed areas of fields. This allows to empirically select seeds of the best varieties.

Adaptive patterns of landfarming

High yield indexes are rached by the application of adaptive landfarming patterns, comprising deep cultivation and surface tillage.

We have introduced modern resource-saving technologies No-Till and Mini-Till,whose primary purpose is a minimal impact on soil, which in returm increases the fertility of the land by more than 40%.

Work with liquid mineral fertilizers

Farming company applies UAN-32 and liquid complex fertilizer. Their are applied in roots of the plants. The use of the liquid mineral fertilizers boosts yield to 15-20%.

Protection against weeds, pests and diseases

To preserve the quality of the crop, we use the effective crop protection agents produced by the leading European manufacturers: Bayer, Syngenta, BASF, DuPont.


Application of effective ROSTSELMASH harvesters and VERSATILE tractors allows to decrease crop losses up to 1.5%. And Great Plains sowing machines, Amazon and Khun tillage tools allows to achive high quality sowing and timely tillage.

Now we are developing several projects, which we plan to implement in coming years.



Irrigation of up to 350 ha

The use of an irrigation system will allow to regulaly sature soil with moisture, which leads to increase in productivity.

Cultivation of new crops

The introduction of the irrigation system will allow us to cultivate new crops: potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions.

Construction of greenhouses

The presence of greenhouses will allow us to grow heat-loving plants: cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, green and etc.

Transition to the electronic production management system

The introduction of fields monitoring on the basis of satellite images will allow to analyze the development of crops on the fields and make effective decisions in a timely manner.

The transition to Strip-till (strip farming)

This technology is used in autumn, the land is divided into strips, where fertilizers are applied, then in spring planted crops. Economic benefits of Strip-till are economic use of fuel during the cultivation of the land, efficient use of fertilizers, productive use of soil moisture reserves, leading to further productivity increase.

Increase the land bank up to 10 000 ha

Consolidation of nearby tracts of land will allow us to expand the farm size and to increase the productivity of the agricultural firm.

Our rates are growing

The cultivation area is 6 410 Ha

  • 0
    1 453 hectars
  • 0
    829 hectars
  • 0
    2 197 hectars
  • 0
    1 398 hectars